January 2, 2012

Today was a funny day.
I woke up at 8:30 just as Josh was coming home from his morning job and was super motivated. 
Lately I've been obsessed with getting out of the house and going shopping because I know that soon I won't be getting out for awhile (at least to do fun shopping). So, this morning I begged Josh to take me to Target - not just my regular Target but one that recently got remodeled *woot woot!*. So, by 9am we were off on a random shopping trip - I was as giddy as a child and Josh was as grumpy as an old man. 
After we shopped we met Josh's family at the movies at 11 to see Ethan Hunt **spoiler alert** get his head smashed into about a dozen or so buildings and vehicles and get his $20,000 suit dirty in a sandstorm (not really any spoilers - also, it was a good movie). 
We went to lunch at the cutest BBQ place and then raced home to get Josh to work on time.
I then fell asleep on the couch while watching a documentary on Netflix about America's wasted food and woke up 3 hours later feeling super motivated.
I spent a solid hour cleaning our bedroom, putting up curtains and setting up the baby's bed next to my side of the bed. I decided not to get a bassinet since we really didn't have room for another piece of baby furniture so we're using her pack-n-play which has a newborn sleeper bed and changer included. I put a fresh little pink sheet and pee pad on the mat and attached the little bed and changer. Totally loving the cozy setup we have in our room now. I set up a little diaper station on my end table with a swaddle, burpcloths. binkys, creams, etc. Now all we need is our baby!
Thanks to my long nap, heartburn and Braxton Hicks I can't sleep.
Aren't you glad that I updated you on every move I made today?
Thought so.
don't worry - I won't make it a habit...
at least until the Babe comes and I have interesting things to talk about ;)

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