January 8, 2012

37.5 weeks

I've officially hit the 'end of pregnancy nesting phase'.
Could I be having that last burst of energy before baby comes?!
I want to clean everything, cook, move things around.

I keep dragging poor Hubs out shopping using the excuse:
  "this might be the last time we can do this together!"
"next time we go out together we'll have a screaming baby!"
he's getting really sick of hearing that.
but it does work to get him to do things ;)

Tonight I had a little scare when I went to the bathroom (warning: this might gross some people out) and thought I lost my mucus plug. Since we didn't have time to go to any actual birth classes we've been watching a class on dvd - and this lady who teaches the 'dvd class' is so overly dramatic and makes things like losing your mucus plug sound like a huge dramatic ordeal. 
Maybe it is?
Turns out, I had been eating pretzels and one was (messy pregnant eater) stuck on my sweatshirt and fell into the toilet which made the little ker-plunk sound. 
I panicked for a second.
Then was super embarrassed.
Then realized: "Oh my gosh - this really could start happening at any time."
I'm SO ready for this all to get going and to have my Sweet Thing in my arms.
Still a little early though - be patient Mama. 

37.5 weeks
So far I've gained 20 pounds and have no stretch marks.
I'm praying I don't get any in the next few weeks either!
I am so anxious to work on getting my body back into shape after recovery. 
I need to wear cute clothes and dresses again! 


  1. beautiful belly! goodluck during your last few weeks!!

  2. You look SO cute!

    If you do lose your mucus plug--don't worry.
    It's actually not a big deal at all.
    It CAN be a sign, but they regenerate, so no big. : )

  3. You are such an adorable mamma! Your belly is too darn cute! Im so jealous you've only gained 20lbs..I'm already at 30!! Good luck with the last few weeks!!