January 29, 2012

No Babe Yet...and a lot of rambling

Here's 39.5 weeks.

Well, I'm 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant.
Too long! 
I thought for sure she was coming on Thursday.
Wednesday at the doctor I had my cervix checked for the first time and I was at 2cm dilated, 50% effaced.
She stripped my membranes and said that she wouldn't be surprised if Baby came in the next few days.
I started drinking Raspberry Leaf tea and using Evening Primrose Oil to help my cervix along.
Thursday morning I passed my plug and once again, I was super excited that maybe she would come on time after all!
That evening I started having painless contractions so Josh and I went to Wegman's to walk to try and help her move along a little - I also made Josh stop at Taco Bell to get "the spiciest thing on the menu plus about a dozen fire sauces please" in hopes that I could...burn my esophagus out along with a baby. 
Well, it's Sunday and I've had no changes.
I've had to pee more than ever and I am starting to notice some very faint stretch marks on my belly.
-- Vivienne, if you're going to stay in Mommy for much longer just please stop stretching me out! --
I thought about taking Castor Oil tonight...but I'm too scared. 

I painted my nails all nice Thursday night thinking that I would be in labor in a few hours...now I'm going to have to repaint them because they're gross and chipped...another inconvenience of being overdue ;) 
Not that I really care - I'm just being a baby.
I filled the freezer with chopped veggies and prepared meats for quick meals for the next few weeks.
We've been slowly stocking up on food to have on hand so our stockpile is pretty awesome. 
I've also been cramming in a lot of reading... attachment parenting books, breastfeeding books, Tina Fey...you know, the good stuff.  

I have my induction scheduled for Thursday night (maybe I'll have a Groundhog's Day baby!)
The only reason that I'm happy about the possibility of being induced is that my doctor is going to be there the whole time and will deliver Viv. If I have her before my induction date there's a chance that my doctor won't be on call...and I looove my doctor so at this point I'm actually hoping to go until Thursday for that reason...and that reason alone. 
Tuesday morning I have an ultrasound and Wednesday I have a non-stress test and meet with my doctor. 
So at least I'll be busy all week.

The house was spotless but now it's messy - it's hard keeping things clean!
Our landlord is supposed to be replacing all of our windows sometime this week so I have to pack up and move stuff so that it's out of the way.  I'm super upset that he's doing it this week because I'm going to be so busy and I want Josh to be home while they're here. I also don't want them doing it if we're in the hospital and coming home to a disastrous house from construction and things being packed up. I thought about standing up to him and telling him "look mister I don't know who you think you are deciding to do all this work the week I'm bringing my tiny baby home and stressing me all out but you're not coming in my house and that's final! *hands on hips, eyes squinted into 'the look'*." but then I remember that we live in an apartment and I want to stay living here...so I can't really say those things to our landlord. Dang. 


Okay, last but not lease I thought I would do some fun facts about my pregnancy...oh wait, why did I say fun?! hahaha....oh boy.

- I've gained 27 pounds...I know that may not seem like a lot, and I know a lot of women who gained more than that but listen ladies, ALL of this 27 pounds has been gained in my belly - I swear it. I fall over forwards, literally! I fell over the other day (almost on my face) just trying to put my undies on! My back kills and all my shirts are forever going to be stretched out. It's been awful. 

- I've consumed more french fries and ice cream than in my whole life combined. Thank God for all my veggie and fruit cravings too - I'm hoping that helped balance things out!

- Sprite has been a total addiction. 

- For the past 2 months I've been getting Josh to go out with me by saying "this could be the last time we go out together before the baby is born!" It's getting old for him.

- I forgot that my baby might not be 10lbs like I was and didn't buy her a single newborn sized thing. She may be swimming in her clothes for awhile. 

- I haven't been able to sleep at night for about 3 months - so I take 3-4 naps a day.

- I ripped out the crotch of my favorite maternity jeans because I've worn them every day for about 4 months. 

- I've had severe heartburn non-stop since October...literally all day errr day. I'm hoping this means my baby is going to have Elvis-like hair - come on Old Wives, may your tales be true!

- I miss eating tuna fish sandwhiches most of all.

eh, I can't think of anything else.

I probably won't post until after the baby is born...you know how I am.
Until then...


  1. My daughter was 8 days late. I was fine until she was about 6 days late (I was expecting her to be a little late since that's normal for first pregnancies), but then I just went crazy. Good thing I didn't have much longer to wait! Hope you have your beautiful baby soon (and that you have a beautiful, healthy birth!)

  2. I bet your going crazy right now!! Soon enough you'll be meeting your princess!! Let me just say that I'm totally jealous of your stockpile!!! Good luck with everything!!

  3. Castor oil rocks, literally. Yes, it makes you poop a lot before going into labor. But, I didn't poop while pushing, so that was a plus! I took castor oil (and yes, it's kind of icky) but I went into labor about 2-3 hours later and then delivered my son no more than 7 hours after that. So I say go for it! :) Totally up to you though...either way, you;ll be meeting your sweet lady soon!

  4. Thank you Mandi and Jessica! I'm so excited! :)

    Alyssa - that's awesome! I've heard good stories and bad stories about castor oil so hearing yours definitely helps! I think I'm going to try it tonight - how much should I take? I really don't want to be induced...ugh, ugh.