January 23, 2012

Little Last Bits

Getting last little things together. 
It seems like the little things to do never stop adding up but it's fun and keeping me busy while I wait. 

 Meals planned for the next few weeks. Super simple and easy things. ^

 Pages for Vivi's journal ^

 printed our some new prints for around the house from Pinterest ^

 Almost 40 week belly!
you can see all my veins and capillaries. It's so yuck.
Also, for the past 3 days my belly, breasts, and feet have been covered in hives.
So red and itchy as you can probably tell but apparently it's common in pregnancy. 

Still to do:
dog to the vet
oil change in the car
paint nails
charge all electronics
and probably a bunch of other things I'm forgetting. 

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