March 27, 2012

Catching up: 2 months of Vivienne

So, I have 2 DSLR's and a point and shoot laying around the house but most of the time I take crappy Ipod photos. You would think I would use my brain and use the good cameras a little bit more - it's just too much work to carry those big things around all the time. My goal is to use them every day starting today and sticking my stupid Ipod in a drawer somewhere. 
Anyway, here's some photos of my crazy fast growing child. 
If we're friends on Facebook, sorry but there's nothing new here to see.

 At the hospital just after she was born.

She had a tiny bit of jaundice but it went away after a few days.

This one cracks me up.
The crossed eyes, the chunky belly, the short arm warmers.
She's going to hate me one day for this....but she's just sooo cute!

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