April 17, 2012

babies, babies, babies

So, Joshua wants to have another baby...bad.
Lately he's been mentioning it here and there.
Today when he came home from work for lunch he was crazy.
He said God told him that we should have another baby soon.
I kind of just looked at him wide-eyed...kind of like a deer in the headlights.

Our lunchtime conversation went a little like this:

"I was praying today and God told me that we should have another baby soon." Joshua

"Are you sure He told you that and it's not just what *you* think?" Jordan

"Yes! He did!! Honey, please please can we have another baby!" Joshua

"Maybe after summer is over we can talk about trying again." Jordan

"Please! You have got to just think about love and babies! That's all that matters - that's all life is about...that's all our life is about!" Joshua

"If you want us to get pregnant again right now then you can be the one pregnant. I just got skinny again and I'm enjoying Vivienne and I'm breastfeeding. I can't handle getting fat and uncomfortable again so soon. Let's just wait until summer is over - I don't want to be pregnant through the summer again." Jordan

"It's okay you looked adorable with a huge lump under all of your dresses! You were a cute fat lady." Joshua

*I walk away*

*as Josh leaves for work*...

"Just remember, life is short....remember love and babies!!" Joshua


Yep, that was my afternoon.

Love that guy to death.


  1. Aww how adorable!! Babies are the best! Just keep in mind that if you get pregnant again within two years after your previous pregnancy your body. is more prone to long term damag. Keep us updated though:...babies, babies, babies!!!!

    1. haha definitely! I am just getting back to normal after having Viv so I totally want to wait at least a year to get pregnant again...or longer...hehe.

  2. How incredibly sweet! I know my fiance would just love another baby (our son is 5 months old) and so would I but I definitely want to give myself a little time before getting pregnant again. I love my Leo to death and I want to soak him up as much as possible before he has to share us. So happy to have found your blog!

    xoxo Kayla

    1. Hi Kayla! I agree, I babysat some kids this weekend (1 year old and 2 year old) and I felt like I missed Vivienne so much even though she was with me the whole time...I just didn't have as much of that special one-on-one time with her that I'm so used to because I was so busy running around keeping up with toddlers...definitely made me realize that I need to cherish these moments with Viv while she's still young and not try and have another for awhile. :)

      Can't wait to check out your blog!