April 20, 2012

Our Week: So Many Firsts

I think we may have hit the 4-month wakeful period a little bit early over here.
We haven't had a problem with Viv waking up during the night yet, but she is just extremely aware and curious of everything going on around her - more so than she has been! While she's nursing her new favorite thing to do is drink a little then rip herself off and try to see everything around her - or she'll start smiling while she's trying to nurse and then wants to laugh and play. It's incredibly adorable but hard to keep her nursing routine because she doesn't want to nurse for more than 3 or 4 minutes at a time. 
For about a month now she hasn't wanted to snuggle or be held close unless she's ready to sleep or nursing...but now it's so much worse; all she wants to do is sit up and look everywhere or lay by herself. This girl is SO not a snuggler and it breaks my heart a little!
She's definitely going to be very independent and feisty - just like her mama.  

This week has been full of fun and surprises.
She rolled over (back to front) for the first time and has done it about 6 or 7 times so far. She can't really get her arm out from under her when she rolls over and panics a little - in a few weeks I think she'll have it down to a science. 
She discovered her tongue and how to make all kinds of new adorable sounds. She loves to make this purring sound in the back of her throat and then laugh. So freaking cute! She says "hi" clear as day... all the time. I know it's probably not because she knows what she's saying but just imitating us. I've gotten it on video and my mom and brother even heard her say it - so it's really true! I'm not just being an overly-exaggerating mother ;)

Tiny Person picked up her first toy this week, looked at it and threw it. She used to pick them up just because she liked to grab things - but this week she learned to look at the things she picks up and decide if she wants it or not. 

Talking to her fingers and blankie

And for my favorite thing we've started doing this week:
Self-soothing! yay! This girl has soothed herself to sleep by sucking her thumb every night this week and for every nap. I get so sad when I see her doing it because I know she's growing up and that even such a little thing means that she is needing me less. I cried like a baby on Monday when I went into her room and peeked into her crib to see that she was asleep with her thumb in her mouth - that was the first time that she went to sleep by herself AND in her crib. And by the way, she's taken a nap IN HER CRIB every day this week without any crying, and she sleeps for 2 hours each nap. Ah! 

So, needless to say this week has been extra emotional for this mama. I don't think a day has gone by since Vivienne was born that I haven't cried - either from being so happy or being sad that my baby isn't going to be this tiny baby forever. It is so true that babies grow up in the blink of an eye...and I'm not sure if I can handle it.

What a little model! 
Daddy says no modelling for this girl ;)

 Girl makes the funniest faces.
Her neck strength is improving - for awhile she couldn't really life her head up when she was on her tummy.
I guess I need to realize that she's just 2 and a half months old and that it's normal that she can't do everything just yet, right?


I didn't leave the house at all this week except for this morning, I went grocery shopping (and to take the dog outside but that doesn't count). 
I feel like the week just flew by and I have no clue how it went so fast...give me my days back please!
Literally feels like it was *just* the weekend. 

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  1. Oh wow she's adorable! she has such breath taking eyes!! I can't believe she says hi, that is so cute even if she just is mimicking you!! Her not needing you for little things is her way of saying that your an amazing mom!