May 3, 2012

Vivienne: 3 Months!

How is it happening that my baby is three months old already?!
That's a quarter of a year people!
I feel like I don't even remember her as a newborn - though it doesn't help that she's been advancing at lightening speed and never really even had a "newborn stage". Ugh.

Vivienne Likes:

- Sleeping -- girl can sleep a 12 hour night, then take a couple 2 hour naps during the day!

- Carrots! We started giving her some solid foods already. So far she's had mushed carrots, peas and rice cereal! She *loves* food, she's a little chubber.

- Her daddy. Actually no, she LOVES her daddy! As soon as he comes home from work it's see ya later Mama I'm hangin' with Daddy til sweeps (aka: bedtime).

- Shopping - yep, girl after my own heart. We were in Forever21 the other day and she was mesmerized by all colors and music - she kind of had a tiny meltdown when we left. Poor Daddy, both his girls love to shop ;)

- Bath time...she still loves bathtime with Mama. She starting to splash and my mom got her some tubbie toys and she loves them!

- Tummy time. Yep, we're finally fans over here. She wants to scoot so badly but isn't strong enough to lift her chubby belly up yet. 

- Her lovies (aka: stuffed animals and blankies) she loves to snuggle with her special things. She grabs them and squeezes them and gives them lots of slobbery kisses. 

Vivienne Dislikes:

- Waking up alone. Girl flips out if she wakes up and no one is in the room with I usually try and be in the same room when she wakes up from her's way too sad to see her be scared.

- Pacifiers. Still. Hates them so much - she would so much rather be nomin on her fingers.

- Being in her car seat. Although it's definitely getting better!

We started giving her bottles of formula whenever we go out (which really isn't all that often). I absolutely loathe public breastfeeding and pumping is really difficult for me so it's been much easier and happier for every one to give her a bottle of formula if we're going to be somewhere for a long period of time (ex: the mall, out to dinner, etc). I'll breast feed her while we're in the car or before we go in anywhere so the most formula she's drank at one time has only been about 2 or 3oz just so that she doesn't start to flip out. It's a lifesaver! I don't plan on stopping breast feeding completely until she's probably a year or so - I definitely *love* it! 

I still haven't braved the public by myself yet (except for the one time awhile back that was horribly chaotic) but I'm hoping to try and go out without Joshua soon! I seriously have got to start doing things by myself with Vivienne and not relying on his help all the time. 

We started giving Viv some solid foods every now and then. In a few weeks I'll start giving her more and start a solid food schedule but for now she's still a little young for me to want to really start solids. 


Last weekend my brother and sister-in-law came up from Philly and stayed with us for a few days which was a blast! Vivienne adored Marcella - she's the first person Viv's really attached herself to besides Joshua and I! We're already wanting to plan a trip down to visit them this summer...Vivi needs her Auntie and Uncle in her life. I wish I took more pictures from the was so busy that I didn't even think to pull my camera out...I know my mom got a ton though so I'll have to steal them from her. 

This weekend is super busy. I'm helping my mom babysit 2 one year old girls and I'm so excited! I get to see what life would be like with a 1 year old and a newborn! Hmm...maybe it will help me decide on when we will start planning for baby #2? 

Tomorrow is Joshua's last day of school for the semester and I'm so stoked. I have lots of little day trips and adventures planned for this summer that I can hardly wait! This is hopefully probably may be our last summer in New York so I want to visit all the little towns that are around, go to the mountains, The Falls, all kinds of fun things!


  1. She's absolutely gorgeous! Those eyes are breath taking! All I know is that she is beautiful and your a great mom! 3 months...way too fast!

    1. aww thank you! The time just *flies* by doesn't it?! I can't believe she's 3 months old already - I feel like I want to just freeze time and keep her little forever!