May 31, 2012


Note: This is long.
I guess this is what happens when I never blog.

- Joshua got a new job for the summer and works almost 30 hours there just on the weekends. It's cool because he works with his brothers and a good friend so it's less stressful than a normal job. It sucks though because we barely see him on the weekends BUT we see him a whole heck of a lot more during the week and that is awesome.

- Yesterday Joshua was working outside and got wicked sunburn. Like, makes-your-stomach-turn wicked. Poor Darling. He couldn't move last night so this real good wifey took the best care of him. Is it bad that I like when he's sick? Not that I like when he's sick but because I just *love* taking care of him - you know what I mean. Oh, and he played paintball last he was extra sore and whiney. 

- Last weekend was crazy busy. We had a big birthday party for my cousin Maggie to go to - her 13th birthday! Where is the time going?! My 3 cousins are like sisters to much so that we refer to them as aunts for Vivienne because it's just too weird to call them cousins because we're so close. Then on Sunday Maggie and I babysat a bunch of adorable little kids at my mom's house. They were all under 4 years old and by the time the day was over I could barely move I was so tired from chasing them around all day (plus taking care of Viv). It was way too much fun though.

- Monday Josh and I went out and then went to the beach. We usually do family things on Memorial know, like big picnics and games and stuff. I don't know why we didn't this year - I guess everyone just did their own thing. It was nice and relaxing. 

- Yesterday I was supposed to throw a party but it ended up not working out. My mom came out and watched Viv while I went grocery shopping and enjoyed being out by myself. 
Okay, now it's time for an awkward and embarrassing grocery store story.
I was standing in line at the deli counter and I grabbed a number (you know, the numbers they call when it's your turn to get your meat sliced...serious business right there). After a few minutes this young guy (probably a little older than me) said "What's your number?" now...I'm not gonna lie, he wasn't hard on the eyes...I looked at him for a second then blurted out "I'm married!", that's obviously not what he meant. Oh dear lord. After a second I realized they weren't on my number anyway and quickly scurried away. Needless to say I didn't get any deli meat.

- Lately Vivienne loves drinking from a sippy cup. I've started giving her a little juice mixed with mostly water and she loves it. I started giving her bananas, pureed corn and carrots...Girl is not a fan of veggies but she eats her fruits like a champion! 
Ever since Weebs was about a month old we stopped using her baby bathtub. It was too hard to hold her up, wash her and then get her out. So ever since we've been taking baths together and let me tell you, it's our favorite thing in the world! Last week we decided to try standing in the shower instead of the tub and it's now our newest favorite thing. She throws her head under the water and tries to drink as much water as possible of her lips and face. She reaches her tiny hands out and catches the water and tries to drink it too. After a while I sit down and let the water beat on her back while she snuggles up and talks and sings to me...priceless times. I'm going to be so sad when the time comes that she's too old to shower with me!

- Warning TMI.
I started cycling again last know, like because I'm a lady...not because I ride a bicycle. 
We may or may not start trying for baby #2 soon. 
I'm not saying for sure.
It only took one time to get pregnant with Vivienne and we weren't exactly planning on it...sooo we're going to make sure it's time when we decide. 
Sometimes I want to wait until around November to start trying so that we can move and get settled before the baby is born...but then again, we don't want to plan our next child around when it's convenient.

Okay, I guess that's enough random crap for now.
I took almost 6,000 pictures this month. Dang.

Pretending to be sleeping. What a silly girl.

Loves love loves her feet! She especially loves to eat them.

Sleeping while we were out to dinner.

First bounce house slide for the girl. Mama almost had a heart attack.


These kids are in a foster home and I want to adopt them. Oh my gosh.

They loved my mom's ponies.


  1. Your girl is a serious cutie!! I don't blame you for wanting another soon! :) (I do too!)

  2. Your number story is hilarious!

  3. We love showers too! We've been taking showers since Aleenas cord fell off! The best times ever! I'm so glad you two get to enjoy them as well! Great pictures! She's getting sooooo big!

    1. isn't it going to be so sad when the girls want to take baths by themselves?!

  4. "i'm married!" hahahah. amazing.