June 6, 2012

Vivienne: 4 months

um, how is this possible?
how is my tiny human 4 months old already?
time needs to stop. now.

This month has been crazy awesome!
This kid is SO much fun to be with - seriously, she's the best friend ever.
We've had so many firsts lately that it just blows my mind how so much can happen in just one month.

This stuff has happened:
- Viv got her first tooth
- started using a sippy cup...by herself. she scoots to get it wherever she is and picks it up by the handles and pops it right in her mouth. what the heck?
- wriggles like a worm and gets wherever she wants
- learned to give adorable sloppy kisses (I no longer have a heart because it melted a couple weeks ago from baby kisses)
- reaches her arms out when she wants to be picked up
- sleeps on her back, both sides and stomach...she moves around a lot at night and takes up the whole bed
- drinks baby juice
- eats a half a banana every day (I feel like that's a big deal for such a tiny person?)
- she sits up. not for long but it's a solid and sturdy sitting - she's not wobbly. when she wants to be done sitting she rolls herself over into a crawling position
- lifts her head and back up by herself when she's laying down or in her car seat/stroller

I wish I would have waited to take pictures until Joshua got home. She was been so wriggly that it was impossible to get many decent shots and she kept trying to throw herself out of the chair and get down to play. 

Viv Likes:
- just about everything!
- sitting up
- eating food
- showers with Mama
- going places in her stroller
- being in her playpen or crib with her toys
- sleeping for 12-13 hours every night 
- getting her diaper and clothes changed
- dancing with Mama 
- music
- tipping her head upside down for a few seconds
- rolling (she rolls everywhere!)
- being on her tummy and playing with toys (she loves to reach for things)
- having her picture taken...she knows to look at the camera now (I would hope so since I always have it on me)

Viv Dislikes:
- um....nothing?
- I guess she doesn't like being held for a long time...she would rather be doing her own thing with her toys.
- waking up early
- bottles - would much rather have a sippy
I literally can't think of anything else...happiest baby ever.

I cannot wait to see what this month has in store for us! 
This girl blows my mind.
I'm not sure what I would do without her in my life - she really is perfect for us.
Her personality is hysterical and so vibrant.
She already is the silliest kid around.
The other day she played this crazy game with me where she would look all around but close her eyes when she looked at me, then she would start giggling and look all around again. She was like "haha Mama, I don't want to look at you!". Oh my gosh - it was hilarious.


  1. Shes such a big girl! Oh wow, she's already doing so much, and yes, half a banana is a lot! Good for her!

  2. She sounds amazing! Isnt it awesome how much fun they are at this age? I too love slobbery baby kisses !!

    And man I can't imagine how our life would be different if Alexis slept for 12-13 hours a night! That's ridic! I'd get so much done. She sleeps 9-10 max with 3-5 wake ups and up around 6:30.
    Count your lucky stars girl! :)

  3. she makes the best faces! so sweet!