June 10, 2012

instagram lately

I go a little crazy on Instagram.
I post way too many crappy pictures and I usually always take the same exact picture with my dslr camera too...so, yeah...

true story:
I don't have an iphone or a droid so I use my ipod touch to take instagrams.
also true story:
If you don't see any photos for a few days...that means I'm too lazy to charge my ipod.

If you don't follow me I would love to have you join along on my insta adventure!

Now I leave you with a lame joke that shows just how dorky I am.

- How much did the hipster weigh?
An Instagram.
(laughed out loud when I heard that one - Lovely Hubs didn't think it was very funny...I think he thinks he's a hipster or something or maybe he just has no sense of humor...whatevs)


  1. Even though I follow your insta life, I still can't get over seeing Viv everyday, she is too cute!

    1. I totally feel the same way about Aleena too!