June 11, 2012

Our Week

Sometimes I feel like this blog totally needs more substance.
I feel like all my posts are pretty much the same and probably get boring.
My main reason for starting to blog was just for myself and family, but over the past couple years I've "met" a lot of ladies through my blogs that are so fun and I love. 
So, with that said, I guess my goal for summer is to get more substance going on here.
Not just pictures of our boring life.
I want to get more of my heart and soul into this thing and communicate better with those of you who follow.
Anyway, this post is just going to be pictures of our week (as usual) because it's 90 something degrees and the baby is teething. I think that says enough. 

I guess a few of these are a couple weeks old. whatevs.
Cousin graduated from highschool.
At the graduation someone asked how old Viv was...
When I said "almost 4 months" the lady flipped out a little.
Apparently she guessed almost a year...which I think is a little bit of a stretch.

*we were parked...hence the chin clip not being up*

my girls are not into waking up early in the morning.

Seriously...this kid is the biggest goofball ever.
She has got to get her craziness from her daddy.

Kisses! ^

Mermaid babies are the best kind of babies ^

Had an Arbonne party.
Their products are amazing!

panted some plants.
I'm guessing they'll be dead within a week.
I am the most forgetful person ever.

They always, always sleep together. It's the cutest thing ever...i die. ^

Vivienne is the most thoughtful baby ever.
She always looks like she is deep in serious thoughts.

And probably the best way to end this post...
"Viv and I did hairstyles." - Joshua
Oh my gosh...I adore my life.

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  1. I can't believe she is drinking from a sippy cup! Too crazy, she's such a big girl!