July 13, 2012

Sitting, Crawling, Growing Up

A few weeks ago I woke up one morning to Viv sitting up in bed, grabbing onto my arms trying to wake me up. 
Sitting up!
By herself!
She's been able to sit since just before she turned 4 months but you would have to put her into the sitting position - she couldn't do it herself.
But now, now she goes to sitting by herself. 
Actually, that's how she spends most all of her time anymore.
We can't lay her down on her belly or back because she just sit right up!
No steadying or helping her.
This milestone is the hardest one for this mama to accept.
I am SO proud of my little girl for everything that she has accomplished in these short 5 months but this whole sitting up all the time is really hard for me.
I know that she has to grow up and I can't wait to keep watching her do that...but for now I'm just missing that tiny little newborn baby who I held in my arms all day long because well, she couldn't do anything more than that. 
When I hold Vivienne all she wants to do is wriggle out of my lap until I put her on the floor to crawl around and explore. 
We literally can't hold her anymore unless it's getting close to bedtime. 
I am so thankful for this girl - her spunk is inspiring. 
I guess I'll just need to keep a box of tissues close by for the rest of my life as she grows up and learns faster than I can keep up. 

Have to baby proof!

Update on crawling...
She crawls. LEGIT.
She crawls everywhere...and the dog hates it because she's catching up to her.
Also, baby likes to bounce on her butt to get places...it's hysterical.

When summer is over hopefully I'll get time to post more often!

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