July 7, 2012

Vivienne: 5 months

We have been SO busy over the past few weeks and I haven't had any time to even think about posting anything!
So, here's Vivienne's 5 month post...only 4 days overdue ;)

Okay, so, this kid is unreal.
She has learned so many new things in the past month that my mind is just blown.
She officially crawls.
She can go from crawling to sitting up all by herself. 
She laughs, talks non-stop, uses her index finger and thumb to grab little things (like the eyes on her baby dolls).
This girl eats like an adult...3-4 times a day she eats solid foods and still about 20 times a day she breastfeeds.

Vivienne Likes:
- being on the floor so she can crawl and explore
- sleeping - still sleeps all through the night and is taking 3 naps a day
- solid food! She's a little piggy. Her favorite thing is strawberries
- talking - she talks to us all day long and it's adorable. She says: "Himmmm" "Mamamama" "Dadadada" and a bunch of other cute sounds.
- growling - girl thinks she's a lion
- shopping, parties, going for rides in the car
- swimming (she still loves the water)
- animals - she grabs and tries to kiss any animal she can get her hands on
- giving kisses. She will grab your face and pull you to her mouth and cover you in kisses.

trying to get down and play!

Vivienne Dislikes:
- missing naptime (girl throws fits if she's over tired)
- teething - her top teeth are coming in and she's been so sad about it
- being held - she always wriggles out of your arms

This kid is so hysterical.
Her new thing is to scrunch up her nose and growl.
We laugh so hard every time.

I'm beginning to think that Viv is going to be a gymnast or a dancer when she gets older.
I cannot wait to start her in ballet classes as soon as she's old enough!

I'll try and do another update soon!
We've had so many weddings, parties, family get together's, etc over the past couple weeks and I have SO many pictures to share!
I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are enjoying your summer!

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  1. Your pictures are priceless, Jorda!! You are a beautiful, talented, devoted and loving young wife and Mommy. We are so happy for you and pray that God will bless you and your little family forever and ever!! I know HE will. <3