August 16, 2012

A Birthday

Today we celebrated Joshua's 21st birthday!
We've been "together" for 5 birthdays now - crazy to think it's been that long since we met!
I couldn't ask for a better friend and partner to share all of life's adventures with. 
Joshua is my rock and the absolute love of my life.
He is a wonderful father and provider.
I thank God every day for him in my life!
There is no one else who will ever know me as deeply and love me as wholeheartedly than my husband.
Not a day goes by that I don't laugh my butt off at something he does or says - this guy keeps me young!
Honey, I love and adore you and I hope that you had a wonderful 21st birthday.
I woke up at 7am and made breakfast and put up some decorations.
After that, Josh went to work and Vivienne and I made some gifts for Daddy and started working on making birthday "cake".
Josh came home for lunch like he does every day and I made him a huge Philly cheese steak sandwich (his new found love) and gave him some surprises.
I worked some more on his special cake (took over three hours to finish!)
and when he came home I made chicken cordon bleu (his favorite) for dinner and he got a couple more surprises.
After a while we had cake - which was sooo amazing if I do say so myself ;)
We put Viv to sleep and now we're about to have ourselves a good ol' Marilyn Monroe (his favorite) movie marathon!

I think this birthday was a mighty fine success! 

She heard us get up at 7am and woke up to join the party.
She was soo sleepy still - it was hilarious how happy but tired she was.
She's not used to waking up until 9 or 10am!

her sleepy eyes crack me up!

Oh, you know, just eating crap off the floor. Ugh. ^

Funfetti pancakes!
We decided to give Viv some too - since she didn't smash her 6 month cupcake yet because she had thrush (which is mostly gone now - still on antibiotics for awhile though).

She's gotten a few little scrapes now that she's on the move all the time - so Mama had to get her some cute band-aid's! 

Viv painted her very own picture today for Daddy!
I taped the paper to the floor, gave her some paintbrushes with some paint on them and I watched to make sure none of the paint ended up in her mouth! 
She had SO much fun!
I can't wait to start doing other little crafty projects with her as she gets older.

Crepe layer cake!
Berries, cheesecake layers, homemade whipped cream....mmm...
20-some layers of sugary, fatty goodness!

I love that my husband is still such a kid at heart.
His joy is inspiring.

I love you, Bones. 


  1. wow, that cake is somethin else. what a sweet wife you are to cook all his favorite things all day long.
    thrush is no fun, my baby had it his first couple weeks. and i agree, the sleepy-eyed look is so cute.

  2. hehe thanks! Joshua definitely appreciated all the food - hehe.