August 29, 2012

I'm a little emotional tonight...

Every morning we wake up to see the most beautiful sleepy-eyed little girl laying in between us. The morning is such a special time for our little family because we are all together and things are the most peaceful. 
When she first wakes up, Vivienne will just lay with us and talk to us.
 We listen to her baby babble and tell us about her dreams and her adventures.
 She touches our faces and gives us soft little kisses.
Her eyes, always looking a little dream kissed and her skin is soft - perfection.

Every morning she looks more like a little girl rather than a baby.
A little girl so dainty and full of life.
A little girl who has excitement in her eyes as she looks forward to a day full of playing and exploring.
The life and energy she has is inspiring.
She is now on the go more than ever before.
As soon as her body hits the floor there's no stopping her.
She crawls at lightening speed and walks along everything she can balance herself against - including doors and walls.
She is brave and unafraid.
She tries until she succeeds.
She is always looking for the approval of her Mommy and Daddy and she knows we will always be there cheering her on, encouraging her, and picking her up when she falls. 
My greatest hope is that she will know that forever and for always.

It breaks my heart to know that she will never be as little as she is right now.

It breaks my heart that she no longer holds onto just one of my fingers because her hands are so small but that she holds onto my hand and wraps all her fingers around.
 Those fingers that were once so short and chubby are becoming long and slender.

It breaks my heart knowing that one day she won't want to sleep in between her parents at night. 
That she will want to be in her own bed, in her own room.

I know that she will always need me.
But as she gets bigger she is needing me less and less.
7 short months ago she needed me to hold her head up and now she doesn't even need me to help her climb off of our bed in the morning. 
It's a bittersweet thing being a parent...being a mother.

If it were possible, I would choose to keep my first born child a baby forever...but I can't.
 So, I cannot wait to watch as she blossoms into the child and woman that she is going to be. 

I will continue to cherish every single moment with my baby.
I will continue to spend endless hours laughing, kissing and holding her. 
I will continue to savor these precious, precious days.
I will continue to let the sweet innocence of her fill my heart.


I'm a little weepy and sentimental tonight.
I guess that's what happens when you're a women, no? 

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  1. So very sweet!! Brings me to tears, she's adorable! You both seem like wonderful parents. Such an amazing beautiful family!