August 11, 2012

Vivienne: 6 Months

I feel like I am always writing these monthly post updates!
Time is going by way too fast.
This one is a little late - we were on vacation for a week and now Viv and I are both dealing with a bad bout of thrush (more on that in a different post). 

This little girl is getting bigger and smarter every day.
Every time I blink she is taller, stronger and so much cuter.
Her personality gets brighter and funnier and I just cannot get enough.

Vivienne Likes:

- feeding herself
- solid foods (even though we're still primarily breastfeeding)
- being in the water
- crawling and discovering
- car rides
- the doggie (they're best friends now!)
- snuggling (it's about time!)
- trying to stand
- long naps

Vivienne Dislikes:

- being away from Mama - the separation anxiety has hit hard
- being contained in her crib or playpen 

that's about it.
but those are two things that can be a pain at times.

Vivienne is constantly on the move these days.
I can hardly keep up with her.
She crawls all through the apartment and is soo speedy!
Yesterday we took our eyes off of her for about 30 seconds and she crawled from the living room into her room and was playing with her toys!
She's trying everything in her power to stand up on her feet.
I think in the next month or so she'll be standing up by herself. 
She pulls herself up on everything to stand - and most of the time ends up falling over because she's still so clumsy.
She chases the dog around and tries to grab her...the dog is loving all the attention.

Solid food is also a favorite around here.
We still primarily breastfeed but she has 3 small meals a day. 
Her favorite things are strawberries, blueberries, bananas, peas, green beans and squash.
I make all her food fresh unless we're away on a trip or a long day - then I just buy her some organic jarred food.

Viv is still sleeping through the night and taking two 2-3 hour naps a day.
Right now, as I mentioned above, we're both dealing with thrush. 
We're both on antibiotics and I'm on a strict diet so I'm hoping it doesn't last long.
It is so terrible.

I hope you all are enjoying the last few weeks of summer! 

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