October 2, 2012

Here We Go Again!

My baby is going to be a big sister!
I am going to have two...TWO children!
Wow...I am still trying to wrap my head around that. 

It was a few weeks ago and I knew that my period would be coming any day.
I've been regular ever since Viv was 3 months old even though we were (and still are) breastfeeding full-time. 
About 3 days before I should have had my period I woke up and I felt different. I felt a way that I distinctly remember feeling when I was first pregnant with Vivienne. I can't really describe it - it was just this feeling inside me. We hadn't actively been "trying", though we weren't being too careful with preventing a pregnancy. Joshua and I both have been feeling a strong want for another baby for awhile now. 
I would melt anytime I saw a newborn. 
Anyway, so I woke up and when I went to take a shower that same morning I noticed that my back was looking blotchy. 
When I was about 4 weeks pregnant with Vivienne my skin starting breaking out terribly and hasn't since then. 
I told Josh right away "My period is supposed to come in a few days but just so you know, I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant"
He of course took that as "I am pregnant!"
So, for the next couple days we were talking about how things might be if I were actually pregnant.
I started taking my prenatal vitamins and switched to decaf coffee - you know, just in case...
About a week came and went and I still hadn't gotten my period...so I definitely knew it then.
Joshua ran to the store and got some cheap pregnancy tests just so that we could have some peace of mind and know for sure.
I did two that night...
both came out NEGATIVE...what the heck.
I thought that maybe it was too soon to show up or maybe they were just crappy sticks - I told him to buy the cheapest ones because I knew. 
3 days later and we couldn't stand it any longer, so Joshua ran to the store buy some more HPT's because it was driving me nuts.
I was bloated, my skin was breaking out, I was peeing every half hour, I felt exhausted.
I KNEW I was pregnant. 
So, I took 2 more tests (digital this time to make sure) and both of them were positive!
Joshua literally started jumping up and down exclaiming and Viv was so excited by this that she was singing and clapping her hands - cutest moment of my life. 
I on the other hand starting crying.
I guess even though I knew I was, seeing that it was definite scared me a little.
Wasn't I just pregnant?
Didn't I just spend the holidays last year pregnant?
Thankfully though, I had a dream pregnancy and a dream baby - which is definitely a big reason for us wanting another so soon. 
After a few minutes my scared tears turned into joyful tears.

I don't think I've been so excited for something - ever.
I already love this baby so much. 
I was over the moon when I was pregnant with Viv but this is a different kind of excitement. 
I am going to have two kids...Viv is going to have a play mate and a best friend!
It's going to be so fun!
Yeah, I'm a little scared of being a mom to two under a year and a half but hey, I'm always up for a new adventure!

It's weird but I feel like Viv has grown up so much just since we found out.
She looks and acts so much older.
I think it's because I know that time is flying by and my baby is growing up so fast and that soon I'll be focused on a newborn too. 

There's so much we have to do before we have this second baby.
Vivienne needs to be sleep trained (number one priority).
We're going to put her crib in our bedroom this week and start her sleeping on her own so that when the new baby comes, he/she can sleep with us like Viv has been.
We'll have to get a bigger vehicle because our tiny Ford Focus that we have now is barely big enough for Vivienne's car seat alone. I am super excited about that because I loathe our tiny coffin on wheels. 
The dog will be finding a new home.
As soon as I'm further into the pregnancy I'll be working on that.
I can barely handle her as it is with one kid.
She barks, she has way more energy than I have time to play with her, we live in a second floor apartment so she can't go outside to play except for when we take her out to potty. 
I always find myself yelling at her and I feel bad because she just wants attention.
She needs somewhere where she can run and play. 

Josh and I are both hoping for another girl.
We wouldn't have to buy anything!
I've always had this feeling that we'll be a family with all daughters.
But, of course, a cute little brother would be kind of cute. 

Ever since we got married we knew that we wanted our first two children to be very close together in age.
Over the past few months we kept talking about trying for another and kept deciding that we would wait until the end of the year. That way, when it came time to move out of the state I would still have a few months to get settled before having the baby...
Well, that obviously ended up not being the case...
so my one major concern is moving right at the same time I'll be having a new baby.
I'm due at the end of May and we have been planning our move for June.
We'll probably wait and move around the end of July now but it's still going to be crazy!
I'm afraid it may kill my poor mother...taking not one but TWO grand-babies away. 
Though, I've been trying to convince my mom to move wherever we move - which would be perfect - it's not very likely.
Anyway, more on that when the time comes.

So for now we'll just be soaking up every second we have with just Vivienne.
These next few months are going to be special and bittersweet with our little girl.
We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, her birthday...all will be such wonderful firsts for us as parents and for her. 
I'm so excited for these times. 
My heart is so full of love and thankfulness.
Our little family is so blessed. 

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