October 10, 2012


Ever since Vivienne was born I haven't felt completely comfortable with the whole idea of blogging and exposing my family to the internet. It scares me to know that all our private family photos, stories, and details are out there for anyone to read. Now that I'm pregnant again I'm feeling more and more the need to protect the details of my growing family and our life. 

So, with that said, I won't be blogging anymore.
I'm so happy about it.
I don't enjoy it anymore and I always feel a pressure to post.
I've always been a little trigger happy when it comes to things like Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
I post hundreds of photos a month, statuses of everything we do. 
I guess because that's how I've grown up through my adult life - obsessed with social media. 
I've had it on my heart lately to stop though.
I hate when people think it's their business to know everything that goes on with everyone else - including myself even.
I want my family to have a sense of privacy and sacredness and the internet is not a place where I feel that.
I could copyright my photos and put privacy settings on but I don't really want to have to do that.
I would rather be putting my time and energy into spending time with my daughter while she's my only baby.

I've had a blast "meeting" and getting to know so many fun moms though this blog and that part I will miss the most! And I plan to keep up reading all the blogs that I love - I personally just won't be writing my own anymore :)

Goodbye friends!


  1. this is great! i've been feeling the same way. media becomes unhealthy and detrimental at a certain point. blessings to your family.

  2. I made my blog private, because I had a nasty privacy issue, and it's become just my personal way to keep track of my son and the adorable things he does. I totally understand! :) Best of luck to you with Viv and your new baby in belly! :)