December 11, 2012

Pregnancy #2: So far

This picture was when I was about 10 weeks. 
This pregnancy has been kind of crazy so far.
For about 8 weeks I thought I was 2 weeks further along than I actually when we had our first ultrasound 2 weeks ago and the doctor told me I was only 12.5 weeks (I thought I was almost 15) it was a little disheartening. My due date went from May 25th to June 7th. After a few days of thinking about this I realized that I think the ultrasound technician is wrong. Even though my period wasn't ever back to complete normal because of breastfeeding, I *know* when I got to the exact day. My date doesn't match up to what the technician said. What I'm thinking is that the baby is just measuring smaller than it should be because of breastfeeding...which maybe isn't accurate but I have a gut "mama" feeling about it. If I am in fact only 14.5 weeks right now then I would have only been about 2.5 weeks pregnant when we found out and took our HPT's - and that seems too early. next appointment with my OB is in two days and I'm going to talk to her about this. I feel very strongly that I am further along than they say I am. I *know* it. And the only reason I want to absolutely make sure is because if I am correct then there is the potential that I will carry until 42 weeks (if I go late like with Viv). I was 41 weeks when I went into labor the first time and if I hadn't have had Viv when I did I would have definitely had to have a c-section because she was just so big! So, if I carry past 40 weeks again the risk of the baby being too big for me to deliver vaginally is very great. As it was I pushed for almost a solid 3 hours to get Viv out! I can't do that again! 

Okay, so with that out of the way...let's get to the fun stuff! 

How I'm Feeling:
I haven't done any pregnancy posts yet just because there really hasn't been anything to say! 
I haven't had a single ounce of morning sickness or ANY bad symptoms at all! 
I'm so grateful for that - obviously since I spend my days chasing around a running baby!
My first trimester was a breeze with only a little bit of fatigue, but I would just nap with Viv and that really helped. 
My energy levels have been high and I've been motivated to do a lot.

It's been weird to be pregnant again so soon. 
I was pregnant last year for the holidays and now again.
The thought of delivering another baby in 6 months is a *little* scary! 
The thought of having a baby AND a one year old is even scarier! 
I'm so in love with this baby though and can't wait for the adventure of having two kids.
Vivienne has been such an incredible joy to us that I can't wait to have another child with another personality added to our little family. 

I started out this pregnancy at 140lbs and now am just barely 129lbs.
I eat and eat and eat and just keep losing weight.
So far my doctor isn't concerned since most women lose a lot during first trimesters from morning sickness, but if I keep losing I'll have to stop breastfeeding, which would be a nightmare.
But I definitely want my baby getting lots of nutrition so I'll do whatever I have to.

I haven't had any food aversions so far.
When I was pregnant with Viv there were so many foods that would make my stomach turn so this is nice to not have to worry about what I eat.
I've been eating lots of veggies and fruit for snacks and with all my meals. I have 1 or 2 green smoothies a day (with spinach) to keep my iron levels up so I don't have to deal with the awful anemia I had with my first pregnancy. 
I've been craving sweets and french fries and ginger ale.
Still hate chicken and pork but that's not a pregnancy thing!

How Baby is Doing:
I started feeling him/her moving around a few weeks ago! It's WAY earlier than I felt with Viv but I love it!
Right now they're just light flutters and kicking but I can feel him/her getting stronger all the time!

At our ultrasound a few weeks ago he/she was sucking on on their thumb throughout the whole ultrasound - so cute!

We find out the gender on January 10th and I can hardly wait!
I'm secretly hoping for a boy but I don't really care either way.
We have names picked out for a boy or a girl and I just love them both so much and can't wait to share when we find out! 

Right now I'm almost 15 weeks so Baby is about the size of an apple! 
I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going.
It's a lot different than being pregnant for the first time - I feel like a pro!

Odds and Ends:

One of my high school best friends is also pregnant and due only 3 days after I am! So that is so exciting and so fun to talk with her about our babies!

Speaking of pregnant friends, I know about 5 other women who are having babies around the same time as I am! There must have been something in the water in August/September ;)

I'm addicted to anything with an evergreen scent...but I think that's just because it's Christmas time.
I miss sleeping on my stomach!

14.5 weeks ^

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