December 11, 2012

November Things

I sadly didn't take a lot of pictures during November.
Viv started walking and so sitting still for photos wasn't really an option!
And with her running around it's a lot harder to be having my face in a camera while I'm trying to watch her...especially when we go places!
But I'm going to try and be better even though it's hard - It's sad not having a lot of pictures of all her stages!

So here are a few from around the house during November and a few from Thanksgiving! 

Our last family picture with Fabienne!
We found the absolute sweetest family to adopt her.
I miss her a lot sometimes, but life is definitely a lot easier without a dog.
It's been a few weeks now and I almost forget what it's like to have a dog.
I don't have to sleep in a bed covered in dog hair, there's no more incessant barking, no dog hair in our food.
But, I definitely have a lot more to clean up since Viv is forever getting food all over the house and Fabs isn't here to clean it all up! Oh well. 

We stayed at Josh's parents house for a week and watched their dog while they were on vacation.
It was fun to get away and do something different for awhile but it was also pretty crazy with dogs running around, Viv running and chasing the dogs, and trying to keep a big house clean! 
I will say though, staying at their house made me better appreciate my apartment. It's so hard to keep a big house tidy with a kid who likes to rip everything out from everywhere! I can'r wait to someday buy a house when we have a few kids, but for now I am just so in love with our apartment! 

My youngest brother's birthday was just a few days before Thanksgiving so I made him a big cake on Turkey day.
I wish I would have gotten more pictures this day since it was Viv's first Thanksgiving...but things were just so crazy that I didn't get a chance to. 
I did manage to get this blurry picture of the dinner table while holding a squirmy baby.
I always love my mom's house during the holidays - it's so warm and cozy.
Her house is filled to the brim with cute decor, candles and colors.
I'm not really a person who likes a lot of "stuff" but my mom can pull it off so well. 
Her home is just so filled with love.

Viv is the queen of throwing fake tantrums. 
Once second she'll look like this and the very next second she'll be as happy as can be. 
She likes attention...

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