December 11, 2012

Vivienne: 9 months

So, Viv turned 9 months old on November as you can see, I am once again, pretty late with this. 
It's getting so much harder to get any pictures of her because as soon as I pull my camera out, she wants to play with it!

Her 9th month was definitely the coolest, by far!
One week after she turned 9 months Viv started walking and running!
She pretty much just woke up one morning and decided that crawling and walking along furniture wasn't fun anymore.
It was so amazing to see her just start walking and running everywhere with no fear!
It's so much fun having a baby that can get around by herself and explore.
Though, it is pretty crazy since she goes into every room and rips things apart...I don't ever get a break!
She is such an adventurer. 
She just loves seeing new things and discovering the world.
Sometimes when we go to the store I let her walk by herself while holding my hand and she thinks it's just the coolest thing.

I don't have her stats for that month on hand but she is doing some serious growing.
She is SO tall - she's as tall or taller than most of her friends who are almost 2 and 3 years old!
She's not super chunky like some babies - she's pretty lean - probably because of her height.
I have a feeling that she's going to be a very tall and skinny girl some day.

The talking...oh my the talking this girl does is crazy!
She just started really making real sounds and putting them together with objects.
Some of her favorite things to say are: 
"Hewo (hello) Mama!" "Dada" "Doggie" "Dis (this) is?" 
She pretends to be on the phone all the time and says "hewo?" all the time and has gibberish conversations with her friends. It' the cutest!
She loves cats but can't say "cat" yet so she makes this funny sound that she only makes when she sees cats... "kees" it sounds like.

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