January 7, 2013

A Little Change

I'm changing my URL!

My old title was never really very thought-through and it doesn't really apply to us anymore since we're having another baby so I wanted to change it now just in case it's harder to later on since I keep getting more readers. 
If you use the URL to search for my blog now as youplusmeequalsthree.blogspot.com
starting tomorrow that URL won't take you anywhere. 
So, starting tomorrow the new link will be:
since that's the blog name anyway. 
So add that to your bookmarks!

I hope that's not too confusing and I'm hoping I won't lose too many readers because of the change! 
If you find the blog through Facebook it will change by itself and automatically post still...
but you'll have to change any bookmarks you may have.

Thanks for being patient! 

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