January 8, 2013


Man, I wish I had Viv's patience. 
Her molars are coming in and they're coming in with a vengence.
She has been such a trooper over the past few days through it all.
We've had a really busy weekend and week so far and the rest of the week is going to be just as busy but even with all our running around she has stayed so happy and cheerful.
Every now and then she gets really clingy and chews on her fingers to help teethe and she'll cry a little sad cry in my arms to tell me that she's in pain. It's so awful.
I've tried teething toys and popsicles for her to suck on but they don't really help too much.
She's been so tired and just falls asleep in my arms while we're snuggling. 
I'm so proud my girl for being so strong and keeping her head high.
She's a tough one!

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