January 10, 2013

We're Having A....


Okay, I'll be totally honest...
All I ever wanted was to have two girls!
I kept telling myself that it would be fun to have a boy but deep inside I knew that I wanted another girl! 
I am so excited that I can barely contain myself!
My life is going to be filled with playing dress-up, having tea parties, shopping....oh and probably lots of drama.
I can't wait! 
Josh was kind of hoping for a boy but he's so happy to be having another little girl to snuggle and cover in hugs and kisses.
She is healthy and growing so fast - I just love seeing my babies before they're born and knowing that they're growing like they should be.

I mean...look at those fingers (look carefully to see the index finger - I thought she only had 4 fingers for a second) I die! So chubby already!

I'll be doing a little name announcement post later tonight.
We have a definite first name and one definite middle name picked out and I'm so in love!
It's so fun to actually put a name to our little baby!


  1. oh my goodness!! congratulations! so, so exciting!

  2. So exciting! 37 weeks, with my third son, which like you, I always wanted!:)

    1. Wow - that is so fun! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy - so exciting that you'll be holding your new baby boy in just a short few weeks! Enjoy!

  3. This is such a great gender reveal. your daughter is adorable.

    stopping by from Casey's

  4. New Follower!! Found you through Caseys linkup! Love your blog.. and when you have time hop over to my blog kjaggers.com and if you like what you see.. follow back! Happy New Year!!

    1. Thanks Kisha! Will definitely check out your blog!