January 11, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 19

My brother took some really quick pictures of me the other day while we were at my mom's house. 
It was so bitter cold and neither of us really wanted to be outside, so they kind of suck.
I need someone who actually enjoys taking pictures for me through the rest of this pregnancy! 
These men are always complaining, hehe. 

This week was a pretty fun week - we had our anatomy scan ultrasound and my belly is finally starting to really pop! 
I love being pregnant even more this time than I did when I was pregnant with Viv. 
I just can't wait to have two children.
I can't wait to have a newborn and actually know what I'm doing instead of being a brand new (first-time) mom. 
I'm most looking forward to Spring!
Oh my, I'm going to love being pregnant in the spring and early summertime! 
So many long maxi dresses, sunshine and warmth - I can't wait! 

Her size: About the size of a mango! Approximately 6.5 inches long and 8.5 ounces 

How far along: 19 weeks today! I can't believe next week I'll be halfway through my second pregnancy! Time is going by way, way too fast! 

Total weight gain: None yet. Still slowly trying to make up for the weight I lost in my second trimester due to breastfeeding. 

Sleep: I've been a night owl this week. After we put Viv to sleep I get back up and clean, bake, craft or peruse the internet until about 2am. Viv's been sleeping until after 10 every morning lately so I get up around 8:30 and get ready for the day, make breakfast and clean up a little. So I'm getting about 6 hours of sleep every night - though that's because I'm choosing to stay up so late. 

Maternity clothes: Only my Bella Band. Man, I love that thing - it's a pregnancy lifesaver. I never have to wear maternity pants since the band allows me to keep my regular pants unbuttoned without anyone being able to tell! I have a few cute maternity dresses that I got as gifts that I'm going to wear soon just because they're cute. 

Cravings: Oh man, the other day I went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and I swear I was craving the entire store! Some specific things I've been craving are: hot roast beef sandwiches, kettle popcorn, frozen yogurt, coke, fresh pineapple and kiwi fruit, cereal, orange juice. I could keep going but I'll spare you. 

Aversions: Nothing anymore. 

Symptoms I have: I had a brief few minutes of heartburn last night. I'm hoping it was just a fluke though - my heartburn was brutal in my third trimester with Viv. 

Doctor's appointment: I see my doctor on Monday next week - thought the appointments are just boring routine ones now. At least I'll get to hear Penny's heartbeat again - my favorite thing! 

Movement: This little girl is SO active! I feel her moving around constantly throughout the day. When I lay down in bed at night she is moving the most - kicking and squirming like crazy! You can even feel her now if your hand is on my belly! So much different than when I was with Viv (I didn't feel her at all until after 22weeks). It's my favorite thing in the world feeling my little girl so healthy and active inside of my belly. 

Belly button: Normal. No change yet - probably not for quite awhile at the rate my belly is so slowly growing. 

Gender: GIRL!!!

Best moment of the week: Our ultrasound for sure! Finding out that we were having another precious baby girl! I am still just so giddy with excitement! 

Looking forward to: The 22nd of this month. I'm FINALLY getting my tooth pulled! No more pain or worry that I'm going to get an infection and harm my baby! I'm SO excited for this. 

What I miss: Not much really. This pregnancy has been so good to me and I'm so thankful. I love being pregnant and have no complaints :)


  1. like me?! ;) i love taking pictures! we really should set up a few shoots to show the belly progression - if you're ever up for it, let me know! i can use all the practice i can get!

    1. Yes Cait! I would love that and it would be so fun!

    2. okay! i'll have to message you on fb and we'll figure something out!!