January 12, 2013

This Week.

This last week was pretty great!
Josh was home a lot thanks to a quirky work schedule and the fact that he's still on winter break from school. 
So that was pretty fabulous.
 We got lots of Daddy time - which you know, Viv and I both are crazy about.
We went to a baby shower for a close friend, went to church and lunch, spent one day at my mom's house, went shopping all day one day with our Christmas gift cards (woohoo!), Wednesday I remember being busy but I can't remember what we did. The best day this week was our ultrasound and finding out we are having another sweet baby girl! 
We spent a whole lot of time playing and being silly all together and snuggling and taking naps.
There were only a few tantrums and so many laughs and giggle from Viv - it's always a good day when we don't have to deal with any tantrums!
There are some weeks where by the end I feel just so drained and worn out, so I'm thankful for this great one! 
Tonight we have a worship night at church which I'm so looking forward to. 
After such a great and happy week I can't wait to get energized and renewed for this new week ahead!

Her new smile is hysterical. She only does this specific smile when you say "Smile!" or if you point a camera in her direction. I love it - she's so hysterical . 

Viv loves my mom's cat more than any other animal she's ever seen. She chases him around the whole time we're there and he just lets her hug him and pull on him and screams "KEE!". I've been wanting to get a kitten SO bad lately but not having any animals in the house is absolutely wonderful. Now let's just see if I can keep resisting...at least until we move and get settled. 

She was scared of this tunnel for weeks after she got it for Christmas but now she loves it!
She is always hiding in there when she gets ahold of something she's not supposed to have or if she wants some privacy to poop. She is so quirky - I just love it. 

Oh and this week she's learned how to climb on and off things and there's no stopping her.
The couch, the bed, into the tub, chairs...always.
I can't take my eyes off of her for a second!

Here's hoping next week is just as fun, peaceful, and tantrum-free as this one was!

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