March 21, 2013

Beach Babe.

The house we stayed at during the week was right on the beach so every day we would go to the beach multiple times to just run and play. 
Viv had the time of her life playing in the sand and chasing all the seabirds around.
As soon as we would all wake up in the morning she would want to get outside as soon as she could get to the door and we spent almost every day completely outside!
There were a few days that were kind of windy so we had to bundle Viv up a bit more than I was hoping for but at least it was warm and we could actually be outside (here in NY it's still freezing!) and enjoy every second of it. 

Seeing my little girl so happy and so full of adventure was the greatest gift.
There wasn't a minute during our whole trip where she was unhappy.
The smiles that she gave us and every one around her were priceless and the sounds of her laughs and giggles are something I will never forget.
I am so proud of what great girl she is - she is always up for something new and exciting.
Even our plane rides were bliss! 

Last year when we took our Florida vacation Viv was only 5 weeks old.
It really is so surreal how much a child changes in just one short year.
Josh and I kept talking about life before she was born and honestly, it really was so empty.
Don't get me wrong, we had the time of our lives while we were dating and first married enjoying our time together and just being the two of us but now that we have a child it's a whole new world.
Having a child makes life so much more fun in such a different way than when it was just the two of us.
We learn new things every day and we get to watch our tiny person learn everything.
There really isn't anything better than raising a child and watching the world through their eyes. 
It's magical.  

We spent hours just walking along the beach picking up shells, watching the sand sift between our toes, making people laugh, and chasing all the birds.
I am anticipating warm weather so much more now that we got to steal a piece of the sun for a week.
During vacation we got into a fantastic schedule with Viv (wake up at 8am, take one short nap, bed by 8:30) but now that we're home and can't stay so busy outdoors we're drifting into our regular schedule (she sleeps til 9/10am, take 2 long naps, bed around 10/11pm).
There just isn't enough to keep her body moving when we're cooped up inside all day.
Even with doing lots of hands-on activities it's just not the same as running outside, playing on playgrounds, or taking long walks.
So, I am literally praying for warm weather and hoping that we can keep busy enough to keep Viv happy until the sun decides to shine.

--  I have hundreds of photos just at the beach that I adore but I also have so many other photos that I want to share that I'll just stick with a handful of beach photos! 
I don't want to bore anyone, hehe. -- 

(Viv got her very first scraped knee. We don't even know when it happened because she didn't cry or complain about it. As much as I hate to see her hurt and bleeding it reminds me so much of myself. I always had cuts and bruises from all my adventures. Viv is such a tough girl - I love it!)

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