March 21, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Weeks 28 and 29

28 weeks

29 weeks

Well, I missed week 27 because we were just so busy getting ready/going on vacation.
I can't believe I'm almost at 30 weeks! 
I've been going back and forth thinking about my due date ( my original date was May 29th and my current date is June 7th) and I think that in my mind I'm going to stick with May 29th as my actual DD. 
It's so crazy that I'm going to be having another daughter in just a few short weeks! 
Now that we're home from vacation and back to our normal routines I can't wait to start getting things ready for Penelope's arrival! 
Yesterday Josh took a crazy amount of bins and boxes over to store in his parents basement because the nursery turned into a storage room. 
We're going to re-paint and redecorate the girl's room over the next few weeks.
I was never 100% happy with it and even though we don't know how long we'll actually be living in this apartment after Penny's born, I want it to be fresh and new for her when she comes home. 

Since I haven't done stats in quite a long time...

Her Size: She is about the size of a cucumber. Average size: 15.2 -16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb. Baby’s strong enough to grasp a finger now!

How Far Along: Just about 30 weeks! 

Total Weight Gain: Well, I've officially gained back the 12 pounds that I lost during my first and (beginning of) my second trimesters. I guess it's not that back since I had lost it and it's not weight that I'm just gaining on top of my original weight. I don't think I'm going to gain nearly as much as I gained when I was pregnant with Viv. My belly is *so* much smaller than with my first pregnancy at this point. 

Sleep: I'm still sleeping like normal. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable because of my growing belly but I'm usually so tired that I just sleep through the night (if Viv does too that is). 

Maternity Clothes: Still not wearing any (not that I couldn't) at all. I put on a pair of maternity jeans this week but they were just too big and bulky. My favorite skinny jeans still fit fine and other than that I've been wearing lots of maxi skirts and dresses with elastic waistbands! 

Cravings: None specifically. But I do have a fierce appetite! 

Aversions: None.

Symptoms I Have: I've had heartburn a few times (nothing compared to the horrible heartburn I suffered with during my first pregnancy) and a whole lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. Also, peeing about every hour and if I don't go right away when I have the urge then I can't really's bad! I've had a couple mild leg cramps but again, nothing like with my first pregnancy. 

Doctor's Appointment: I have another visit next week. I'm going to request another ultrasound because I've been a little nervous because my belly really isn't growing at all. I'm sure everything is fine but I just worry a lot even when I shouldn't. My doctor is so wonderful and always is so accommodating. I know that a lot of women only have one of two ultrasounds during their pregnancies but I just get nervous when I don't get to see my baby from 17 weeks until 40!     

Movement: Always moving around and sticking her elbows into my ribs! Since my belly is so small I can literally feel her elbows, butt, head, and feet sometimes - it's really weird! 

Best Moment of the Week: Our last days in Florida soaking up the sun!  

Looking Forward To: My brother and sister-in-law coming next weekend to stay with us! They're going to tell us if they're having a girl or a boy! I can't wait to know if I'm going to have a niece or nephew! 

What I Miss: Wearing whatever I want to. It's getting a little annoying having to wear flowy or stretchy clothes all the time. I miss all my skinny jeans and fitted dresses! 

Left: 29 weeks with Viv.
Right: 29 weeks with Penny.
Told you I'm a lot smaller this time around! 
Normally I would be really happy about not being as huge as I was with Viv but after having a 9.5 pound baby it makes me worry a little bit that Penny is too small.
But, I know I shouldn't worry and that every baby is different...

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