March 22, 2013

Currently In March

Cleaning: Everything!!! I'm in full spring cleaning/organizing mode and am becoming a little obsessed. We're having house guests next weekend so I'm hoping to be completely cleaned, organized and purged by then. Oh yeah, and we're having a baby I'm in full nesting mode!

Planning: Lots of planning for baby #2. Right now I'm planning out a very simple nursery re-do and making lists of all the other things that need to be done before she comes. 

Planting: We planted some seeds for the windowsill the other day but right now it's blizzarding and I have no hope for spring so I might just chuck my poor seedlings in the trash before they feel like they have any chance of a happy or healthy life - because really, it's going to be winter forever so why even bother. (can you tell I'm fed up with the cold weather?? well, I am! It's making me really, really sad). 

Skipping: Right now I'm skipping my nap time (while Viv sleeps) so that I can clean food off the floor, get dressed, blog, and maybe start on some Easter decorations. 

Wearing: Right this very moment? The same pair of jeans and t-shirt that I've worn every day since we got home from vacation (though I did change last night when I went to meet some friends). Why waste a bunch of clean clothes when I'm just going to be scrubbing and cleaning, am I right?

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