April 1, 2013

Good Friday

I didn't do much decorating this year for Easter around the house because we were so busy visiting family and weren't really home much at all.
My brother and sister-in-law got in Thursday evening and stayed through Saturday evening.
Friday and Saturday we spent the days at my mom's house and then Saturday evening we spent at my aunt and uncle's house.
I tried to do a little smidgen of decorations though so I didn't feel bad and since we were home on Easter Sunday.
Wednesday we dyed eggs because otherwise we just wouldn't have gotten around to it! 

On Friday my brother made a gender reveal cake to take to my mom's house!
So much fun!
We all picked either a pink or blue plate as our vote and only my dad and my brother's (different brother) girlfriend guessed correct!

It's a girl!
Three baby girls in the family now!
My mom had so many boys but now she gets her girls in granddaughters! 
So much fun finding out - though I was certain they were having a little boy.
It's okay, I'm happy to have a little niece to spoil! 


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