April 16, 2013

Last Week (catch up)

I've been a little absent this week I guess, huh?
The beginning of last week was sunny and kind of warm so Viv and I spent most of the days outside going for walks and playing at parks.
The elementary schools are right across the road from us and there are three huge playgrounds that we discovered and are now our favorite places to go - I was glad to find some playgrounds within walking distance. 
It's hard to walk two miles to a playground when your kid just wants to get out of the stroller and run free - so I'm super happy.
The rest of the week was pretty dreary and chilly so we had a couple indoor play dates and spent some time at the library.
You know what I hate about our library?
The computers in the children's area!
Viv doesn't want anything to do with anyone or anything besides the freaking computers! 
It drives me crazy!
-end rant-

hmm...what else from last week...
We started Viv in her toddler bed (kind of - post later on about that whole deal)
We watched a whole lot of raunchy comedies while snuggling in bed at night sans child.
Started the clean eating diet (which has been awesome and not much different than our regular diet).
Didn't go to Target once.
Went to the doctor three times.
Ripped a whole in the crotch of my favorite jeans.
Went to our friend's wedding sans child (again)

^^^I'm usually on the ball when it comes to having someone take photos of Josh and I when we're dressed up but totally forgot this day...except for this not-so-lovely shot that my mom snapped as we were heading out the door. Ah well...^^^
And yeah, we're missing a door on one of our cupboards - I'm aware. It fell on my head a few weeks ago.

^^^Gorgeous bride. So happy for Jolene and Matt!!^^^

^^^Me at 32 weeks, Hayley at 28 weeks, and Nessa at 18 weeks!
I love these people. ^^^


^^^We like to play in the dirty sand way too much^^^

^^^We pretty much live on random playgrounds. Seriously, they take over our life.^^^

^^^Sniffing her first flower of Spring. You can see how delicate she is.^^^

I'm not too sure what this week will bring.
A friend and I were supposed to have another photo shoot yesterday but I had to freaking cancel because my doctor wanted me to come in so she could steal my blood.
Today I had 3 combined doctor appointments (that I brought Viv too and I have to give her credit because she sat in her stroller for an hour and a half without complaining once!) and then came home and Viv and I passed out for a few hours.
As soon as I'm done catching up with some blogging and my kid stops eating things off the floor like a dog we're going to hit up the library and then grab some groceries before picking Josh up from school.
Oh, then it's dinner-making time, bath, teeth, stories, and bed.
Are you glad I bothered to tell you all that? I thought so.