April 16, 2013

Pregnancy #2: 32 Weeks

32 weeks...that's it?! 
Oh, but technically I'm just about 33 weeks - I'm a slacker. 
I feel like with the way I've been feeling lately that I should be about 46 weeks pregnant...or else just 96 years old.
Yesterday while we were at the beach all I wanted was to be able to run and chase after Viv without feeling out of breath after 15 feet.
I imagined what it would be like to have a toddler and *not* be pregnant during all these adventures that we have.
I miss crawling through the playgrounds and rolling around on the ground.
While Josh was running around playing with her I had to waddle to the bathroom...twice - fun stuff.
I remember feeling huge and uncomfortable in the last weeks when I was pregnant with Viv but this time it's ridiculous.
Chasing a baby around all the time, having 4 pounds of extra fluid, AND having another "big" baby is hard work!

Anyway, I'll catch you up on this polyhydramnios business real quick. 
Because of all the extra fluid that I have I've been having to go in to the doctor's office once a week for a non-stress test and see my doctor once a week during a different appointment.
This week I had to have blood drawn too...
It's getting to the point that going in to the office is actually fun because all of the receptionists and nurses are like friends to me. 
We have conversations about life, kids, and every thing else.
They give Viv snacks and she runs around and hangs out with everyone.
Everything looks fine with Penny and there's nothing to be concerned about right now.
But because things *could* change and change very quickly is why we have to take precautions and keep checking everything weekly. 
I have another ultrasound in two weeks and if my fluid levels haven't decreased enough then we can start to think about what measures will need to be taken to make sure everything goes well up until I deliver.
If my fluid levels haven't lowered to a normal number by my ultrasound then we will talk about induction at 38 weeks...which holy crap is 5 weeks away! 
Induction by 38 weeks would drastically lower the chance of having to have an emergency c-section, lower the risk of a cord prolapse, and lower the risk of Penny being in distress during labor due to the extra amount of fluid. 
So, for now everything is fine, Penny is totally healthy (and big) and there's nothing to worry about!

Her Size: Two weeks ago she was measuring at 4.6 pounds and by now she should be gaining about 1/2 pound per week which would put her at about 5.6 pounds! But she's growing fast and she's big so I wouldn't be surprised if she was more than that already. 

How Far Along: 32 weeks! 

Total Weight Gain: I lost 3 pounds since last week (which was probably just because I ate a lot before my last appointment - or maybe I'm losing fluid like I'm supposed to be!!) so I'm at about +17 pounds

Sleep: Still sleeping pretty well. I'm now sleeping with about five pillows placed strategically around my body to help with my achy bones and muscles...it helps so much! 

Maternity Clothes: I ordered a pair of maternity jeggings from Old Navy and just got them today...they're probably won't be coming off until I'm in labor. They're amazing. 

Cravings: Ice Cream Sandwiches, cold pasta salads, cold green tea, vanilla custard ice cream

Aversions: None.

Symptoms I Have: Braxton Hicks which aren't bad at all, A few labor contractions but thankfully they are very sporadic and don't last long, achy hips. 

Doctor's Appointment: Twice a week now - once for a non-stress test and once for a regular check-up.

Movement: All the time still! Sometimes Josh can feel her move from the other side of the bed! 

Best Moment of the Week: Letting Viv feel Penny move and having her laugh hysterically. She probably thinks I'm such a crazy person. 

Looking Forward To: Our ultrasound in two weeks! Having a second daughter so soon! I held one of our friend's newborn babies this weekend and my heart just melted into a puddle - I cannot wait to have another new baby to snuggle and love! 

What I Miss: Being able to hold Viv close without the pain of her heavy body on my belly, being able to be as active with Viv as I'm used to. 

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