April 18, 2013

Something Simple.

Vivienne wore holes in her shoes this week.
When I saw her toe peeking out the other day my heart sank a little.
It's these little things that can rip your heart out and make you realize how precious life is.
My first born daughter is already old enough to be adventuring so hard that she's putting holes in the soles of her shoes!
She runs with wild abandon - no fear, no worry, just pure happiness.
Her soul lives for the grass
 and the trees
 and the dirt of the earth.
My soul lives for watching her.
Watching her run 
and laugh
and discover. 
It's a beautiful thing to watch your child be born into this world and so quickly become part of it.
To watch them grow and see glimpses of who they're going to be.
Viv is so unique and has a personality all her own and I love that more than anything.
I pray that she will always strive to see the good in this world that's so filled with evil and hate and that she will always show her fierce love and passion in the midst of the mess.

These are just the first of many shoes that will see beauty and adventure through my little girl.
I know it's a simple thing, wearing out your shoes...but I really feel that it's a grand accomplishment. 
I'm thankful for this time of year and the opportunities we have to get outside and see the world...even if it's only a small part of it.
I'm thankful for a daughter who is so passionate and so full of life.


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