April 1, 2013

More Vacation Photos

I promise that I'm almost finished posting millions of pictures from our vacation!
I just really wanted to have these posts to look back on and I took over a thousand pictures so it was really, really hard to narrow them down to a handful that I loved! 

On this day we spent the morning and afternoon strolling along Clearwater Beach.
It was a gorgeous day though a little windy but it was great to be outside anyway. 
We went to a bunch of surf shops and stores, walked along a beautiful boardwalk of boats and vendors selling things, and let Viv play on a playground for awhile.
One of my favorite things about going away is exploring little towns and discovering treasures!

On this day we spent the morning at the beach and then when it came time for Viv to nap we popped her in the stroller and walked around the town we were staying in.
We went into all the little shops, got ice cream (again), and found the cutest manatee watching park with huge docks to walk along. 
We let Viv sleep while we just talked, held hands, and dipped our toes in the water. 
I think this afternoon was my very favorite of the whole trip. 
It's such a joy to have a little family to enjoy life with.
To discover new things and make memories.
I can't wait to have another baby to welcome into our little family to start making memories with.
Life is just so beautiful.

Over the weekend we left our rental home and stayed at Josh's grandparents house for the last couple nights of our vacation.
They have a gorgeous house with a pool and so it was nice to just hang out and relax in a familiar place.
 Viv's favorite thing to do there was running around in the yard and taking walks down the sidewalks.
She wanted to be outdoors every single second that she was awake...and so we were.
We even spent most of her naps outside walking her around in the stroller.

Right down the street from Josh's grandparents house is an awesome nature park that we walked to every morning that we were staying there.
We would walk about 5 miles right after we woke up, just exploring and walking around the park.
We saw so many different animals!
We found a great playground that we loved to visit and walked along wooden boardwalks that stretched along the intercoastal waterway.
I wish there was such a fun nature park near us that we could enjoy this summer. 
We have a couple near us but nothing as wonderful as this one!

Well, I think I only have one more vacation post and I'll be done!
I'm going to overload on posts today because I'm just so behind everything.
We have company stay with us for a few days and we were just so busy.
So I'm going to catch up and then hopefully be able to stay on track from now until at least when the baby is born, hehe.

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