April 1, 2013

New Pet

The day after we got home from Florida we took Viv to the local farm store so she could run around and see the baby bunnies that they had just gotten. 
Josh spotted this tiny little dwarf hamster and fell in love!
I don't really see what's so appealing about him but Josh and Viv were being so cute and I couldn't say no. 
He is so tiny and doesn't take up any space, doesn't smell and doesn't really eat much so I guess he's a perfect little pet for us.
I can't wait until we move and get settled one day so we can get a puppy again for the girls.
But until that day, a hamster will have to do the trick!
Viv thinks he's the funniest thing in the world. 
Every morning she runs out to see if he's awake and squeals with excitement.
He's so friendly and she's always trying to pick him up when we have him out of his cage.
We just have to be careful when we have him out in his hamster ball because one of Viv's favorite things to do is kick a ball! 
Life is always some kind of new adventure around here!

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