April 5, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 31

Today as I'm writing this my heart is a little heavy.
I got a call from my doctor this morning informing me that I have something called Polyhydramnios.
Basically, my amniotic fluid levels are elevated.
I know that I shouldn't worry but it's a terrifying thing to know that something is abnormal with your pregnancy and that it could effect your baby.
My doctor said that the normal level of fluid goes up to 24 and my levels as of Wednesday were 25.1
She stressed that there is nothing to worry about...but still.
I have to visit the doctor now once a week until I deliver to have a non-stress test done and also have a ultrasound every 3 weeks until delivery.
I'm sure that they're just being extra cautious and that everything will be fine - I have faith.
Of course though as soon as I was off the phone with the doctor started Googling "elevated fluid levels" and that's always a bad thing to do! 
Only 2 out of every 100 pregnant women have this happen - scary thing number 1.
There are a lot of risk including: preterm labor, emergency c-section, birth defects including trouble swallowing, women who have this have a much higher risk of having a child born with down syndrome....the list seems to go on and on.
The most common cause for this seems to be caused by gestational diabetes - which I don't have nor was I even anywhere close to being at risk for. 

We are putting all our trust in the Lord and know that He is going to give us the perfect baby for our family.
He is constantly pouring His blessings out on our little family and I am certain that He will again with our little Penny. 
I still have time that my fluid levels can decrease and go back to normal so we're just going to be watching closely to make sure everything stays okay.

Okay, now just for fun I'm going to do some stats because now that I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy things are constantly changing!

Her Size: As of my ultrasound on Wednesday she was measuring at 4.6 pounds! 

How Far Along: 31 weeks and measuring perfectly on track

Total Weight Gain: About 20 pounds so far - 12 of which I lost at the beginning of my pregnancy so really I've only gained about 8 - half of which is baby and I have extra fluid so it makes sense even though 20 pounds is a scary number.

Sleep: It's been getting harder to sleep at night because my body is just so sore - it's getting difficult to even just roll over in bed. Plus the past few nights I've been getting up 3 times to use the bathroom. 

Maternity Clothes: None but I've been tempted to snag a pair of Gap maternity jeans but have resisted since the weather is getting warmer and I'll just be wearing dresses most of the time anyway.

Cravings: had my first Taco Bell craving this week! When I hit 30 weeks in my first pregnancy I craved Taco Bell ALL the time!! I've also been wanting a lot of ice cream lately which I never really want unless it's summer and we go somewhere for it. 

Aversions: None. 

Symptoms I Have: An obnoxious pain in my back that I get every now and then, extremely sore hips and pelvis - the doctor said that my high fluid levels are probably causing all this bodily discomfort since I'm carrying around even more extra weight than what I would normally be carrying so that explains that. I never had any of these pains with Viv. 

Doctor's Appointment: I go this Wednesday (10th) for a non-stress test, check up, and a test of my fluids and to talk more with my doctor. 

Movement: So much movement still! She is forever stretching, moving, and punching me - I love it so much.

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing Penny at the ultrasound for the first time since week 18! She's getting so cute and plump!

Looking Forward To: Talking more with my doctor on Wednesday.

What I Miss: Wearing whatever I want, being able to move without discomfort, being able to hold Viv close without a huge belly in the way - but it's all so worth it!


  1. Oh poor you! I had it as well - it is very scary when diagnosed and all the extra weight is seriously hard work but in vast majority of cases nothing to worry about. I wrote this post based on my experience and everything I found out about it which you might find helpful Coping with polyhydramnios - Alice xx

    1. Ah, thanks so much for the link! I will read it tonight! :)

  2. I feel sorry that you had to hear such news on the most critical days before you gave birth. With proper checkups and enough care, I know that you will have a safe delivery. Keep the faith!