April 29, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 34

We're getting so, so close to the end!
Only six short weeks left until we welcome our sweet girl into the world!
This past week was so delightful.
We were busy, busy, busy every single day but the weather was gorgeous and we were so happy.
Viv and I's allergies flared up pretty bad during the beginning of the week causing us to cancel a few play dates which is always sad but we made up for it with other adventures.
The weather lately has been perking up and this week is supposed to be even better!
Josh was surprised because Viv and I were rarely home at all this week but I keep telling him that it's because we've been cooped up during the awfully long winter and we're ready to explore! 
In just a few weeks it's going to get a little bit harder to just get out of the house with a newborn so I'm enjoying being able to so easily just grab Viv and get out.
My mom keeps telling me to rest and take it easy but really, it's so much better for my soul to be busy and active. 
I really don't feel like I'm over-doing it (even though I didn't get a single nap all week!) and I'm happier than ever!

Her Size: About the size of a butternut squash! We'll find out on Wednesday at our ultrasound approximately how long and what her weight is! 

How Far Along: 34 weeks and 3 days! 

Total Weight Gain: I lost a couple pounds last week from all of our activity so I'm not sure what the exact number is right now. 

Sleep: Sleeping great! I get up a few times in the night to use the bathroom but I've been able to go right back to sleep. 

Maternity Clothes: The only maternity thing that I've been wearing are a pair of jeggings from Old Navy that I got a couple weeks ago...they're amazing!

Cravings: shells and cheese, vanilla custard ice cream, any kind of cold or icy drink 

Aversions: None! 

Symptoms I Have: Heartburn has been pretty bad at night until I take a couple of Melaleuca anti-acid tablets. All my aches and pains that were so terrible a few weeks ago have disappeared and I'm definitely crediting all of our activity and exercise to that...I've been feeling pretty fantastic lately!

Doctor's Appointment: Wednesday I go for an ultrasound and my weekly NST. I can't wait to see my little Penny! I'm a little sad though because Josh has to work and can't come see her too :(

Movement: ALWAYS MOVING. Seriously, this little baby is ridiculously active. 

Best Moment of the Week: I was taking a bath on Tuesday and I literally watched Penny move from the breech position into the head-down position. I could see all of her limbs and visibly see her change such a drastic position...it was so cool! Then at my doctor appointment that day she confirmed that she was in fact, head-down...yay! Now if she just stays that way ;)

Looking Forward To: Wednesday's ultrasound! 

What I Miss: Being skinny!! 


  1. You look great! I was in the bath a couple of weeks ago and saw my baby move in that way as well! It was crazy... I'm 38 weeks pregnant now :)

    Just popping by from the baby shower blog hop :)

  2. Beautiful pictures as always - it's so great to be able to get out now the weather is better. Thanks so much for sharing at The Friday Baby Shower Alice x