April 29, 2013

Springtime in the City.

Yesterday we woke up really early and got packed up for a little trip into the city.
We hit up the Rochester flea market and searched for treasures, stopped by a little bakery, and then explored the city for a little while.
We don't usually go into the city all that often just because I guess we're old and boring...but when we do I just love it!
I love going into little boutiques and cafes. 
I can't wait for our big move this summer for the exploring!

After we explored for awhile we went to Highland Park where all the beautiful trees were in perfect bloom.
I was in heaven. 
Flowers and life at every turn.
Springtime brings so much hope and renewal.
Yesterday was a much needed breath of fresh air after our long winter.
Watching my little girl run wild through the blossoms in her bare arms and legs was the best thing for my heart.


  1. love the photos from highland park! also... is that the public market? i always want to go but somehow i never end up making it out there!

    1. It is! It's definitely worth the trip out too! It's not super huge but it's mostly all vintage stuff at garage sale prices! I think this is coming Sunday is the last one for this month but then they go steady through summer.