April 3, 2013

Ultrasound Update

So, this morning I had an ultrasound to check and just make sure that everything was a-okay with Penny and make sure that she was growing like she should.
I mentioned in my last pregnancy update that at my last doctor's visit I was told that my uterus was measuring almost 3 weeks behind (basically my uterus hadn't grown in 3 weeks). 
I knew that I wasn't as big as I felt that I should be and it was starting to become a little bit of a concern.
I really didn't worry at all and knew that from how insanely active she always is that everything was fine but it's still a little scary to hear that you're not growing like you should be!
I knew that the Lord was growing Penny as perfectly as he planned and that maybe He just made her to be a little bit more of a peanut than her big sister was.
Anyway, at the ultrasound today we discovered what I knew was always true...Penny is growing absolutely perfectly and is as healthy as can be!
Surprisingly enough she's actually bigger than average babies at (approximately) 4 pounds 6 ounces already at only 30 weeks 5 days! 
Thank you Jesus!
My ultrasound technician said this to me:
"I wouldn't cross my fingers for a small baby!"
So relieved to hear that she's growing properly.
The only thing is that she's in the breach position (obviously there's time for her to flip) and is literally standing on my bladder and totally stretched out! 
No wonder I've been SO uncomfortable lately and no wonder I feel like she's going to fall out! 
Viv was breach all the way up until week 39 so I'm not worried about that yet.

Just in the past couple days my belly has totally popped and I'm feeling totally pregnant and it's even getting hard to hold Viv! 
I am so completely thankful for this little one growing inside me and cannot wait to bring her into our lives!

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