June 2, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 39

This post is SUPER long and probably really, really boring for anyone but myself...
I went back and forth debating if I would write all this or just keep it to stats but then I realized that I would like to remember all this in the future...
Also, like most of the time, I didn't proof-read so don't judge my terrible grammar. 

I feel like the day I hit 39 weeks my body and my patience began to test me.
On Thursday (39 week mark) I woke up feeling really great and motivated.
It was supposed to be 90 degrees that day so I dropped Josh off at work and Viv and I went to meet up with our church's play group at the nearby splash park. 
That's when the discomforts of pregnancy *really* hit me for the first time.
We got to the park and met up with all our friends, laid out our picnic blanket, got Viv in her swimsuit and then that was it...she turned into the most hyper-active child ever.
She usually is pretty crazy but I've been able to handle it thus far without a problem and things are especially easier when Josh is with us.
Anyway, on that particular day I literally felt like Penny was going to fall out of me because she was SO far down and SO heavy!
Add that to a toddler who insists on running as fast as she can through a sea of hundreds of children on a 90 degree day and I thought I might faint. 
I tried my best to chase her all around the playground and go down slides but honestly, I just couldn't bend my body around enough. 
After about two hours, two changes of clothes for Viv, an exploded diaper, and an entire quart of strawberries later I decided I did my motherly duties of the day and said goodbye to our friends and packed up the car. 
That's when I discovered that the AC in the car wasn't working too btw. 
For the rest of the I was miserable and mean.
Our apartment didn't have AC either at this point and it got up to 94 degree in there since we can't open the windows (we're on the 2nd story and Viv is obsessed with climbing to look out the windows). 
Viv wouldn't nap because it was so hot and I knew we had to leave again soon to pick Josh up from work so there was no rest to be had.
For the rest of the evening I just laid on the couch and cried about my hips, back, heartburn, swollen feet, etc etc. 

Friday was a much better day.
It was 90 degrees again but we were able to do things to keep cool.
Josh had the day off so we all went to get groceries in the morning then went to the library for a while to keep cool and let Viv play. 
I was feeling a little better physically but the heat was making me swell so bad. 
We spent the evening going out to dinner, to the beach and out for ice cream with our friends and that was good for all of our souls. 
That night after we got home around 10pm I started feeling a little weird.
I thought maybe it was going to turn into labor but didn't get my hopes too high.
I went to sleep and throughout the night I kept tossing and turning and not really feeling able to rest. 
The next morning by the time Viv and I woke up Josh was already gone to work so we got up and had breakfast and took a bath.
Josh's parents were coming to get Viv to take her for the afternoon and it couldn't have been a better time!
As the morning progressed I kept feeling worse and worse and my body just kept doing crazy things.
My eyes felt so tired and I kept seeing floaters, I had a bad headache that felt like it was going to turn into a migraine, I was too nauseous to eat, my heart was racing and my hands were shaking, and I could literally watch as my ankles and hands swelled up! 
I knew these were all signs of preeclampsia and I knew that because of the polyhydramnios issue I've had for months that I was higher risk for pre-e.
I laid down in bed for awhile and I felt a little better after a few hours.
Josh got home and his parents brought Viv back and they spent awhile installing some AC units (hallelujah!) that they had bought for us (!!!) so I was still able to rest awhile while they were here helping with Viv.
Everyone left and Josh, Viv and I took a little afternoon rest in bed before we were going to go over to his parent's house for dinner. 
By the time it was time to leave I just kept feeling worse and feeling like I should call my doctor and see what she said - but it was a Saturday and I knew she probably wouldn't be the doctor on-call. 
The only thing we hadn't checked yet was my blood pressure so I told Josh that we should stop at the pharmacy and get my BP checked and that if that was high then I would call the doctor and if it was normal 
I would just ignore all my other symptoms and chalk it up to the heat making me feel so awful. 
My BP was 140/80 so I called my doctor's office and they transferred me to the hospital where they said to come in right away for some tests. 
All I wanted was to relax, enjoy a nice steak dinner, and watch the huge thunderstorm that was rolling in. 
So, we left Viv at Josh's parents house and raced home to pack our bags just in case they didn't let us come back home from the hospital.
I couldn't stop crying because we left Viv in such a hurry and I wasn't ready for that to be the last time that she was my only little girl. 
I had no peace about it and I was distraught. 

We got to the hospital around 7pm and got right into triage.
They hooked me up to monitors and ran a bunch of tests.
My BP was down to a normal level which gave me hope that we were going to be able to leave.
After almost 2 hours of waiting for doctors and test results they came in and let us know that I didn't have preeclampsia and that I was just really dehydrated! 
I was so, so relieved and happy!
I felt like a stupid little girl for freaking out and going into the hospital but since it was a weekend and I couldn't just go into my dr's office I really didn't want to take a chance that my baby could be in danger. 
Josh was almost in tears he was so disappointed that Penny wasn't going to be born - he was more excited than I've ever seen him before thinking about his new daughter coming.
Since I had the polyhydramnios for so many months though they wanted to put me on an induction list but I refused. 
I really just want natural labor to begin and have my baby when she feels she is ready and that's the only way I will have a peace (unless something urgent happens that I would do whatever it takes to make sure she is safe) but right now I have no risks and there's no real reason for me to be induced. 
I was more thankful than ever before to go home to Viv and sleep another night with her in my arms.
She's only my baby girl for a few more days and I was so thankful to get her for at least one more night.
I know that once labor happens naturally that I will be less emotional about leaving Viv because I know that it will be the right time and how it supposed to be. 
I just hated so much being rushed away from her like I was when I wasn't even in labor!  
We went to church this morning and I felt such a peace in my soul.
I felt peaceful about this coming week and I felt peaceful about Viv, myself, and all the things that are going to be happening soon.

*on our way to the hospital*

I feel like this week is going to be refreshment and relaxation and that when Penny does decide to come that I will be mentally and physically ready for her.
Being in that hospital birthing center again brought a rush of so many emotions.
It was just less than a year and a half ago that we were there for the first time...becoming parents.
It was the weirdest feeling being in there and knowing that I would be giving birth again so soon.
All the feelings and emotions were just pulsing through me and I felt so scared and yet so energized.
When it's time I know I will be so ready to give birth. 
It's such an incredible experience and all of the pain and fear goes away as soon as that baby is in your arms.

Her Size: Well, two weeks ago at our ultrasound she was close to 8 pounds. They say that at this point babies grow about a 1/2 pound per week which would put her at just under 9 pounds! We'll see soon though - I really don't trust those ultrasound measurements. I just hope that they aren't underestimating like with Viv (they said she was about 6.5 pounds a few days before she was born and she ended up being 9.6!)

How Far Along: 39 weeks 3 days

Total Weight Gain: Ugh. I don't know about total (and honestly, I don't want to know) but the other day I had lost 14 pounds and then was up 16 pounds by that night - THIS WATER RETENTION IS KILLING ME! Because of the extra amniotic fluid I had for so many months, the edema is so much worse than for a normal pregnant woman. I am however very thankful that I haven't had hardly any swelling in my face! It's stayed pretty much in my legs and feet and only a little in my hands. So it's easy to hide under maxi skirts! Another thing that I'm super thankful for is that I'll probably lose most of my weight right away since most of the weight I've gained has been in water (plus having a huge baby). My last pregnancy I had lost all the weight plus about 8 extra pounds just in the first 2 weeks and was down to much less than I've ever weighed before after just about a month. I'm praying I can lose the weight and tone up fast again so I can enjoy swimsuit season! And not a single stretch mark again - hallelujah! 

Sleep: I've basically given up any hope of having a good night's sleep. I'm up every 3 hours to pee and to drink a big glass of water and the rest of the time I'm constantly tossing and turning. I figure it will help when the baby comes if she's not a great sleeper like Viv was. I'm a little nervous to have another baby because I'm afraid we won't get another good sleeper - Viv has slept at least 8-12 hours a night since the ay we brought her home! 

Maternity Clothes: None. I'm growing out of all my clothes and if I don't have this baby soon I'll literally have nothing to wear!

Cravings: Taco Bell, ice cream, hot dogs, lifesavor mints, peaches and watermelon. I only have a few days left to cash-in on my cravings!!

Aversions: None - my appetite is still pretty much none (most of the time)

Symptoms I Have: You name it, I have it. 

Doctor's Appointment: Tuesday! She'll be checking my cervix so let's cross our fingers for some progress! 

Movement: Tons! And it's getting so painful because she's so big!

Best Moment of the Week: My in-laws getting us air conditioners!! Thank you again! 

Looking Forward To: Meeting Penny! Not being pregnant anymore! 

What I Miss: Everything that I could do when I wasn't pregnant. I'm so done with this! 

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