June 6, 2013

Pregnancy #2: Week 40!

 Last weekly update for this pregnancy!!
It's really blowing my mind that we're at the end already!
This pregnancy has been so much more of a whirlwind than my first was. 
This time around there was so much less worry because I had already done it before but also so much less time to soak up the little details of pregnancy.
It's hard to remember all the little things when you're constantly chasing a toddler around!
My pregnancies are super easy though and I am so thankful for that.
Aside from the minor scare of the polyhydramnios issue closer to the end we haven't had any bumps in the road. 
It's a little harder to convince my husband that we only want 4 kids though when I have such breezy pregnancies!
It's hard at the end when you've gained a bunch of extra weight, you're carrying around a heavy baby (and toddler) and your body is preparing to give birth but I am so thankful for the miracle that is pregnancy. 
All I can do now is think about having my sweet new little daughter in my arms within the next few days!

I'm skipping stats today.
Nothing has really changed since last week other than the fact that my patience is wearing thin. 
I am scheduled for an induction Saturday (6/8) at 7:30am so Penny will definitely be here before the weekend in through. 
At my visit with my OB on Tuesday I was already almost 100% effaced and 4.5cm dilated!
--when I went into the hospital in labor with Viv I had already been in labor for 6 hours and was only 2cm dilated and after 16 hours of full-on labor I was 5cm!! So this is kind of crazy to me that I'm already so progressed and labor hasn't even started yet!--
My OB stripped my membranes Tuesday also to try and help speed things along but it didn't help.
Yesterday we walked quite a few miles, I ran around a bit, chased Viv around playgrounds, did jumping jacks, drank raspberry teas for days, evening primrose oil....NOTHING IS WORKING!
I'm a little desperate to start natural labor before Saturday morning because I really don't want to be induced but I just don't feel like Penny is going to come on her own.
I haven't even had a single Braxton Hicks in days....AH!
Josh keeps urging me to drink castor oil again (I did with Viv and was in labor within about 3 hours) but I just don't feel like that's a good choice right now. 
Maybe Viv and I will have a dance party today. 
Anyway, next post will probably be a baby announcement so stay posted!
I'm going to go do some lunges now.



  1. I've so enjoyed following you on this journey. I am treasuring my own #2 as it goes by so fast (I'm at 25 weeks now).

    I attribute my easy first delivery to -being EXACTLY where you are. I was 6cm before my labor "started" and I was sent to the hospital by my Dr. There is mixed research out there as to how effective any at-home induction strategy is, but it makes sense to me that if they use them artificially in the hospital, then naturally they must do SOMETHING, even if it is only to get your body prepared to have an easier labor when it's really time.

    I'm a nurse so I say these following words without getting squeamish- people will always say sex will start labor. It's not the sex as it is 2 specific components of sex. Orgasm releases Oxytocin (Pitocin being the synthetic induction drug used in hospitals) as does nipple stimulation (the rhythmic tugging like from a pump or you). Both therefore cause contractions. Not only that, but semen contains prostaglandin (which used synthetically as prostaglandin E is a cervical ripening drug) If you're cervix is already as ready as it is I bet you can progress yourself to 6-7 before you even see a hospital triage room!

    Best wishes for a speedy, easy, and joyous delivery!! I know Viv will be so excited.

    1. Thank you so much Michaela!! I so appreciate your advice! I still feel no signs of labor at all but I'm hoping that being so progressed already that our induction (tomorrow morning...ah!) won't be too terrible :)

      Enjoy the rest of this pregnancy! I'll be looking forward to watching the rest of your journey! xoxo