September 6, 2013

A Summer Evening

My favorite place to go is the beach in the evening.
Especially in the summertime.
So, when my birthday came Josh knew without asking what I would want to do to celebrate.
A few things came up on the night of my birthday (aka: flat tire) so we had to wait and go to the beach a few days later.

We went on an evening that was about 85 degrees, humid, and cloudy.
I loved it. 

I still want to get back one night before the weather starts to cool down for a real fabulous sunset.
But this night was just perfect.

The water at the lake was as warm as bath water.
We didn't bring our suits but we swam anyway.
Vivienne is our little mermaid and has to swim wherever, whenever.
She's taught us how to be spontaneous and carefree.

These simple little outings with my girls and my Love are more than I could dream for. 
They make my world go round. 


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