September 6, 2013

Summer Recap: August

I really can't even begin to talk about how wonderful our summer was.
We truly have had some of the best months of our lives and we made some incredible memories.

There were skinned elbows and grass-stained knees.
Sun-kissed skin and dirty feet.

We swam until we could swim no more.
Ran until our legs gave out.
Watched clouds move and stars shine.

We ate far too many hot dogs and made far too few s'mores.
We napped.
We played hard.

We laughed.
We cried.
We made the silliest faces.

We saw new places
Met many beautiful people.
We talked for hours with old friends.
We talked for hours with new friends. 

We were baptized.
We were dedicated.
We praised.

We turned 22.
We turned 1 and a half.
We were born. 

We twirled.
We danced.
We dreamed.

The beauty in our life is overwhelming.
The simple, simple beauty.
The tiny little moments.
The kiss on the cheek.
They're what make life.

See that tiny little speck running away from us. 
She has no fear.


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