September 17, 2013

Penny: 3 Months!

Now, don't get me wrong...I love the whole squishy newborn phase but once my kids hit 3 months old, it seems like things get a whole heck of a lot more fun!
3 months still seems so fresh and so new, and it is, but my kids like to grow up really fast and start doing things that they shouldn't. 
I wouldn't mind it if they stayed helpless and tiny maybe just a little bit maybe until 5 months?
But no, they think that they have to be independent and crazy when they hit that 3 month mark.

With Viv I was always shocked at how fast she completed milestones and how young, but with Penny I have come to just know that it's going to happen soon because she is so much like Viv in that aspect.

So, without further's Penny's 3 month list of accomplishments, likes and dislikes:


- Rolling over  
She is rolling over ALL the time. As soon as you set her down, she rolls. She rolls off her blankets and across rooms. She's super tiny so it's really quite weird to see - Josh still can't get over it. 

- Scoot-crawling
Now, believe me or not on this one, but this kid...this tiny, tiny human...she gets around. She rolls over onto her belly, puts that adorable little butt of hers up in the air and scoots forward! It's mind-blowing. Viv wasn't crawling until 4.5 months and even though this isn't really "crawling", it's dang close and I'm scared about having another mobile kid so soon!

- Reaching and playing with toys
She's been enjoying holding little toys for awhile now but just recently she started to reach her little arms out and grab them! When she's in her crib we always watch her roll to her belly and grab a couple toys. They keep her majorly occupied and I'm grateful for that. 

- Tasted her first solid food
Viv started on daily solids at 3 months - she was so ready. This little princess on the other hand, isn't really going to start yet. One exception though was the other day while Viv was eating a banana I told her that she could share a tiny bite with Penny is she wanted. Viv was beaming - so excited to show her sissy one of her favorite snacks! Penny just had a couple little tastes and didn't really know what to do with it but really loved the taste. I'm hoping to exclusively breast-feed until 5 or 6 months depending on how she's doing. 

- Started riding in the stroller without her carseat
This is probably my most favorite thing. Our friend gave us a gorgeous double stroller and Penn is finally big enough to ride in it! It was such a hassle to always have to have the right carseat with the right it's simple and awesome. 


- being snuggled super close

- laying on the floor/tummy time (freedom!)

- her sister (loves actually)

- napping in her crib (yay!)

- nursing constantly 

- baths (she laughs hysterically every time)

- going for walks in the stroller

- doesn't mind riding in the car (unless she's hungry, then you best watch out)

- being in her sling ( we use the Sakura Bloom ring sling)

- standing ( we just started using the Johnny Jump Up and Exersaucer) 


- sleeping less than 12 hours a night (don't hate me)

- being constipated 

- shots

- not being held during (our) dinnertime

- being alone in a dark room ( I don't blame her)

- not sleeping next to Mommy at night

I really don't think we have any complaints about this sweet girl.
I couldn't imagine a better little person for our family than her - she's an angel.
She is a total Mama's girl which I love so much.
So blessed with such a sweet and snuggly girl. 
Life is good. 

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