September 7, 2013

Two Under Two: 3 Months In

Two kids under two.
Well, in my case it was two kids under a year and a half when Penny was born. 
I always heard people talk about how hard this is.
How I'll go out of my mind and not be able to keep up.
Honestly, people scared me a little.
While I was pregnant I was almost dreading what things would be like once we added a new baby into the already smooth flow of our family. 
I thought that life was going to be out of control. 

Now, I will say that things aren't perfect...and they're definitely not always easy.
But things are a whole heck of a lot easier than I thought they would be. 
Viv has really stepped into the role of "big sister" and I'm so proud of how much she's grown and matured.
Her patience and wisdom is astounding for how tiny and young she is. 
There are definitely moments when things get hard.
Times that I have to speak to her with a firm voice and try to explain things to her. 
Times where she just doesn't understand.
But I just keep reminding myself that my eldest is still a baby herself.
And that helps put everything into perspective. 

I guess it also helps that Penny is a really fantastic baby.
She has her moments of fussiness, but as her mom, I can figure out what she needs almost instantly.
She's a very easy little girl to read and doesn't require a whole lot other than milk and lots of close snuggles.

The hardest part of having two so young is going places without Josh.
Play dates, parks, etc are a breeze but when it comes to going into a store alone with them...forget about it!
I actually have only gone out with both of them to the stores one time - I usually just wait until Josh is home and just take Viv with me...then it becomes a fun little shopping date with my big girl.

If someone were to ask me if we wished we had waited longer to have a second child there would be absolutely no question about it.
Having two this close together is ALREADY so much fun and it's just going to get so much better as they get older.

It hasn't even been three months yet but I haven't had a day where I've felt tired or burnt out.
We pace ourselves and schedule and it makes life easier.
We lead with love and it makes life simple. 

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