October 9, 2013

Autumn Fallin' From Trees

Autumn is by far my most beloved season.
I just can never get enough.
I always feel like autumn goes by quicker than the other seasons around here.
Once the leaves start falling from the trees, the weather starts to really cool down.
Winters of course seem to last a lifetime - though I won't even start uttering that W word right now.
I shudder.

We are taking in this gorgeous autumn weather deep into our souls.
Letting the sun rays soak into our skin.
Even when the sun has been shining this week, there is still a crisp little chill in the air.
I love that crispness. 
When it's still warm enough to just wear a light sweater but your nose gets a little cold. 

Joshua was gone all last week for work so the morning after he got home I made a big breakfast and we piled into the car and zipped over to our favorite nature park.
It was still early enough that the sun wasn't very warm but as the morning went on our layers came off.

We picked some wild apples.
Collected tiny acorns.
Searched for the brightest and most beautiful leaves.
 Found vintage bottles and pottery.
Chased squirrels and chipmunks. 
Twirled in circles and laid in fields and watched the clouds pass by us. 

I think we all feel most alive when we're in the woods.
Alone and in the quietness of nature.
There are no boundaries, no fears.
We can just run and be free.
There are no rules and no limits.

These are the best days.
I say that often but when you have children, I feel like every day is just so much better than the last.
Life is constantly changing and moving as they grow. 
We as parents are learning and growing just as much as the girls are.
We grow with them and I love that about parenting.
We change with the seasons - the seasons of life and I'm loving the gifts that come with each new day.


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