October 2, 2013


I take way too many Instagram photos. 
My feed is so spammy because I can't seem to stop.
It's just so easy to snap pictures and upload them there than anywhere else. 
I love going through my feed and looking at all the photos I've taken.
My Instagram feed is probably one of my favorite things.

Awhile back I got super crazy and deleted people I didn't know, or didn't really know...even a handful of people from high school that just felt a little awkward because I hardly knew them. 
I had a big problem with sharing my kids and my life and also watching other people's lives who I didn't  know. 
I made my blog private for awhile and tightened up my Facebook.
It just felt weird. 
Now though, I've really just opened myself up and let new people in to my private world.
I'm still careful with who I let in on my Instagram account because who knows who some people are.
And I keep my Facebook page strictly for family and close "real-life" friends.
I have found so many beautiful souls through this blog and through Instagram and I love meeting new women who are similar to me. 
I love having more people than just my group of friends to talk to and collaborate with. 
I've had so many cool opportunities through social networking and have had a lot of fun!
When we're not out on play dates or hanging out with friends or going to different mommy/baby groups, it's nice to have more people out there who get you. 

Anyway, if you want to follow me on Instagram you can find me @jordan_jenks
I'm private but that's only to keep away the creepy men and crazy spammers.



  1. hi i just added you on IG.
    my account was chelisseo.

    anyway i've actually been reading your blog for awhile now since you started documenting your second pregnancy because we were actually so close in due dates. :)

    my expected due date was may 31 and if i remember correctly yours was somewhere in early june. i ended up having my baby on may 22nd though. anyway i enjoy reading your blog and i thought i'd finally work up the nerve to comment.

    1. Oh my gosh - you are the sweetest!! Thank you!

      Yay! Our babes are very close together in age! Penny was a few days late and was born on June 11th :)