October 10, 2013

Penelope: Four Months!

Every month of our lives seems to be going by more quickly than the last.
How is it that Penny is already four months old?
How is it that another month has gone by?

When Viv was a baby I remember always saying how amazing things were once she was four months old.
I think that this four month mark is really when having a child starts to get just plain fun.
Before this point it's definitely fun but it's a lot more just squishy, dewy, helpless newborn fun. 
Now, at four months, is when thing start to get mobile, chatty, and hysterical.

Penny is the best little four month old.
She can old herself up always, so there is no more wobbly newness.
She has learned her schedules and is able to fall asleep on her own much easier. 
She is scooting around the floor and isn't as fragile. 

We're able to lay a big blanket out on the floor and both the girls just sit and play so contently together.
Penny obviously still can't sit up unassisted, but that doesn't stop her from trying to be a part of the fun that Viv has.
She is always watching her big sissy and trying to see what she's doing and try to communicate with her.
The laughs and giggles these two girls share is incredible. 
Possibly the best thing in this world.
Actually, it definitely is.

Penn is now scooting around the floors (backwards always) and it's the cutest thing to watch.
If she sees something she wants, she will do whatever it takes to get it.
She is obsessed with holding and playing with toys; something that Viv never really cared about.
She is always wanting to hold a toy, a teether, or even one of Viv's baby dolls.

We gave her a little bit of solid food a few weeks ago.
She was leaning into our food during meals and trying to take bites! 
It went really amazing.
She chowed down some banana and squash.
I'm waiting to really start her on solids more though just because it's a lot of work and she's still really young.

I don't have her 4 month stats yet since her doctor appointment isn't until next week.
I'm so curious to see how much she's grown since her last visit at 2 months old! 
I'm not looking forward to her next round of vaccinations though. 

Penny Likes:

- sleeping 10-12 hours per night plus one or two 2 hour naps during the day.

- taking baths with her sister. They're mermaids.

- being outside in the fresh air

- being in her stroller or sling

- being anywhere near her sister. They're best friends.

- Mama. She's definitely a mama's girl...I love it but it makes it hard sometimes.

- sucking on her thumb and hands

- standing 

Penny Dislikes:

- being put down

- being held by Daddy at night. She's super sensitive about needing me at nighttime

- being away from her sister

- teething

We are having the time of our lives with this beautiful, chubby little princess.
She's amazing beyond words.
She knocks the wind out of me.
She takes the breath from my lungs.
She, just like her sister, are the most perfect little girls for our family.
I can't stop thanking God for my little daughters.

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