October 12, 2013

While He Was Away...

Okay, just a heads up, this post is probably going to be really lame and you're going to roll your eyes at what a big baby I am, but it's life so...I figured I would write about it...

Last week Josh went to Florida for a week for training for his new job.
I cried a lot during that week.
It's hard, hard, hard raising kids alone for so many days.
To all you single parents, you are rockstars. 
We had our week completely booked solid so that it would go by quicker but that only made things harder because, well, just leaving the house alone with two kids is exhausting.
My mom came and stayed for a few days with us, we hung out with Josh's family a few times, and had lots of play dates and met up with lots of friends. 
I think I only cooked one meal during the whole week because our parents got us groceries, took us out for dinners and a friend brought us dinner one night. 
That part was pretty wonderful!

The longest Josh and I had ever been apart before was one night.
And it's been about 5 years since I've gone more than a day without seeing him.
Screw that whole absence makes the heart grow fonder crap.
The hardest part was sleeping at night.
During the nights when we were home alone I couldn't go to sleep until about 2am and then I was up by 7/8am with the girls. 
One night I even woke up from a horrible nightmare and tried to call my brother-in-laws to come sleep on the couch because well, I was scared being home alone. 
We Skyped Josh every night and talked on the phone during almost all of his breaks which was really nice and helped a lot but it's definitely not the same as having him right there with me.

Josh is our light and our joy and when he's not around, things are just not the same.
As energetic as I am, it's nothing compare to him.
He brings the party wherever we go.
Life was still fun but we all missed him and so there was a little cloud hanging above us.

Viv took it pretty hard.
After about two days she realized that Daddy wasn't just working a long weekend.
When we would Skype or call him she wouldn't speak to him.
She was confused and so sad.
Her daddy is her everything.
He's her comfort and her protection.
She relies on him being there always and when he wasn't around she was devastated. 

Josh took being away from us pretty hard too.
He had meetings and classes for almost 10 hours each day and would be so tired afterwards that he just went to his hotel room and watched tv. 
It was quiet and lonely and he missed us girls terribly. 

Anyway, I'm so thankful that week is over and that he is back home with us!
I'm also exceedingly thankful to God for providing this new job for him! 
He has a probationary period for a few months until he can go to full-time, so we're looking for a small part-time job right now to help supplement our income...and it's overnights...
But it's a solid job, has amazing benefits, and the best part...through the company we get basically FREE airfare to anywhere we would ever want to go!!
So that alone is so amazing! 
We're already planning trips and vacations in our minds! 
Right now I'm trying to find a nanny job that I can do from home so that Josh wouldn't have to get a second job and we would literally have him home all day long.
His hours now are going to be 10pm-3/4am so it still gives him time to come home and sleep without having the whole day gone.
It would be amazing! 

We're also in the middle of some other amazing, amazing things happening in our life right now but I don't want to say anything and put a jinx on them so I'll just wait until all the details are worked out.
But I will say, life is 'bout to get crazyyy for the next month and a half. 

Hope you all are having a happy weekend.

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